Well, Well, Wells to Consider for ViewHomes of Clark County, WA

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Individual wells provide water to 24% of Clark County’s residents. If you live in a ViewHome in our area, chances are you have a well.  We have a well on our rural property located north of Camas. It’s 320 feet deep and provides plenty of water for all of us. Prior to buying, we carefully did our research to determine the gallons per minute produced, and had the water tested.  We also encourage our sellers, and buyers, to get tests and confirmation that any well is properly maintained and that the water is safe to drink prior to a sale.

Water requirements are determined by ‘peak usage’ in a household. Peak usage occurs during a family’s ‘power hour’ when the dishwasher, washing machine, and showers may all be placing demand on the water supply.  Household size and lifestyles (do you garden or frequently wash your car at home) are factors. If you’re considering buying a home with a well, do your homework.  Better yet, hire someone to inspect the well to ensure it’s operating properly. A test can determine, or confirm, how many gallons of water are pumped per minute.

In Clark County, sellers are often required to produce a certificate showing the water has been tested with the last 12 months for contaminants. Thereafter, it’s up to the homeowner to stay compliant with the annual testing. It’s important to test for arsenic and coliform bacteria – over a short time, both of these can lead to health concerns. Generally speaking, the deeper the well the better, as shallow wells can be more easily contaminated. However that varies too, underscoring the importance of sound advice from a professional.

A well can be a wonderful amenity. We think our cold, pure well-water tastes delicious. Even our coffee tastes better. Furthermore, we can control what chemicals are added to the water.  And no water bill.

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