The Sweet Scents of Summer - Gardenias for Clark County, WA

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Some of our favorite patio plants not only look beautiful, but fill the air with their sweet aroma on warm summer days – and evenings. This little beauty has been working overtime of late with a bounty of blooms emitting intoxicating perfume. It looks exotic, but is hardy in our climate, as its name implies, “Frostproof.”  Our home is located in the hills above Camas and nighttime temperatures can drop below freezing during the Spring months.

Admittedly, we winter this treasured gardenia in a sheltered location on our deck, protecting it from the cold Columbia River Gorge winds and deep freezing temperatures.  In the Spring, a bit of organic acidic plant food is all that’s needed to produce deep green leaves and numerous white blossoms. The blossoms fade to a creamy, golden yellow which, in our opinion, adds to the charm.

If you’re looking for aromatic patio plants that do well in rural gardens in Clark County, consider this hardy little “evergreen” gardenia.  While it doesn’t bloom in the winter, it still looks attractive. We think we’ll add a couple of more pots of Frostproof gardenias next year, and spread the perfume to all of our outdoor decks. Afterall, the sweet scents of summer should be savored and shared.

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