The Road Less Traveled Might Be Graveled - Part 2

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Environmentally Sound Practices Can Extend The Life of Your Access Road

(Continued from Part 1)

Here is a visual comparison – first an improperly maintained road. It’s easy to see where the water will sit and eventually erode through the surface:

Improper Slope

Compared to a properly crowned road:

Proper Crown

If you’re want more on this, check out the EPA’s “Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance For Dirt and Gravel Roads” for comprehensive guidelines.

So, when you are evaluating that beautiful view home in the country, here are some (literally) down to earth tips on the access road:

  1. Pay attention to the current condition of the road – is it relatively smooth and without potholes and standing water?
  2. Does it appear to be regularly maintained? Are side ditches and culverts cleared and not overgrown or clogged?
  3. Who is responsible for maintenance? Is road access shared with others, and is there a road maintenance agreement? Is so, make sure you get a copy and read through it to understand your shared responsibilities.

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