The Poetry Man Makes a hit in Washougal, WA

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Thanks to the “The Poetry Post Man,” and his friendship with the sellers of a home in Washougal, Washington, my buyers are getting the only house in the county with a Poetry Post! What a delightful surprise when we stumbled upon a lovely post while exploring the back yard during the inspection.

Mrs. Buyer dabbles in poetry and is a huge fan, therefore, she was both intrigued and charmed when she discovered this poem inside of a plastic box attached to the post – A History of Weather by Billy Collins.We both hoped the post and the poem came as result of these sellers as it indicates similar appreciation.

When the listing agent confirmed the Poetry Post was a gift from the sellers’ friend, Doug Trotter of Portland, Oregon. we understood. Further, we were told, they don’t believe there is any other installed on this side of the Columbia River.  We hope to change that soon.

More Poetry Posts coming to Clark County, WA

I’m so delighted my soulful buyers plan to add another Poetry Post in the front yard to make it easier for neighbors to read the changing poems/and or inspiration messages.

Currently there are hundreds of Poetry Posts installed throughout many Portland neighborhoods. In fact,there’s an online map showing their locations for those of us who appreciate poetry and this concept of sharing. As Mrs. Buyer said so well, “who knows what comfort or spiritual lift such a random box might provide?”

Trotter. a handy man with a background in forestry and wood working, creates his Poetry Boxes out of recycled fence boards. There are a variety of options, or he is happy to customize his designs.  Think of Poetry Posts as a much more attractive cousin of our Real Estate Flyer boxes.

I’m so delighted my soulful buyers are purchasing the only home in the county with a Poetry Post ( soon to be two). And, no doubt, this Realtor® will soon add a third post to the Clark County count, in our own yard – and so it goes. ( Update, it’s now official.)

(Readers, if you know of any other Poetry Posts in Clark County, Washington please give me a call, I’d love to spearhead awareness of these delightful treasures in our area.)

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