Sunday Nature As Neighbors - A Morning Bath in Lacamas Lake

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Today is Sunday, March 16th, 2014.  Most of the area runners were in Portland this morning for the annual Shamrock Run. It’s one of the biggest runs on the West Coast, and this runner has always enjoyed the event for fitness, and as a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. However, this morning, I decided to forego the crowds ( 35,000 participants) and enjoy the quiet of my favorite Camas, WA running trail.

The trees and shrubs are beginning to spout tender green buds and a few of the wildflowers are blooming too. A light rain didn’t dampen my spirits as I ran the rocky trail that winds through trees, and along Lacamas Creek and Lacamas Lake. As I crossed one of several bridges, I spotted this couple enjoying a morning bath. You’d think I’d be sensitive enough to give them a private moment. Instead, I grabbed my iPhone and shot a quick little video. I can’t resist when nature calls.


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