Spring Forth with Trilliums - Rural Homes Gardening

Monday, April 30, 2018

One of our favorite woodland flowers is the Trillium. This Northwest native belongs to the Liliaceae (lily) family. And while they are relatively easy to grow from their rhizomatous root, they are very slow to develop and spread. The upside – the plants can live for up to 25 years!

We spotted them yesterday afternoon while getting some exercise on the Lacamas Heritage Trail in Camas. Nothing screams Spring like spotting these beautiful white flowers popping up between the rocks and moss.  The name trillium comes from the Latin word for three – they have three leaves, three sepals, and three petals.

We have them growing in the forested area of our acreage in the hills above Camas. Due to the higher elevation our trilliums are still in the bud stage.

As they age, the flowers fade from white to pink to purple.

Wherever your travels take you today, we wish you the unexpected surprise of early Spring wildflowers. What a joy it is to celebrate Nature.

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