Rural Homes and Lifestyles in Clark County, WA - Geting your Vitamin "N" for Nature

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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What can you expect when you purchase a so-called rural home in Clark County? Generally speaking, there are urban, suburban, and rural choices as to where to live in our area. Don’t let the rural connotation fool you, while some rural areas might be agricultural, rural is an all-encompassing term. Rural can mean forests, or parcels of land located in the foothills or along lakes, rivers, or other waterways.

Choosing to live in a rural home likely means it will have a septic and well. Water lines and sewer lines haven’t made it out to many locations in the rural sections of Clark County. Don’t let that scare you away – well-designed and regularly-maintained septic systems can function properly for a number of years. And, many of us prefer our pure icy cold well water to the public water sources that often come with an abundance of added chemicals.

Rural often means a home with acreage, views, and frequent visits from wildlife. We call it living with Nature As Neighbors and plenty of “elbow room for the soul.”™ It’s a lifestyle that we feel very passionate about, as we live it ourselves. Research suggests it’s good for us to live within close proximity to a lot of green. Call it vitamin “N” for Nature, as one Washington Post writer suggests.  

Since we are such proponents of the lifestyle, we specialize in these types of properties in Clark County. Family Estates, Multi-generational properties, or a Baby Boomer home with room for visiting friends and family members – we know the inventory. If you’d like to learn more about rural homes and lifestyles in Clark County, we’d love to be your guides. Contact us today, or feel free to explore ViewHomes and rural neighborhoods at

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