Pendleton Woolen Mills - Washougal, Washington

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pendleton Woolen Mills – Still Weaving Woolen Fabrics  in Washougal

We’re huge fans of Pendleton Woolen Mills.The colors and designs of their fabrics speak to our love of nature and the Northwest lifestyle.  We own three of their legendary blankets. One of our favorites, a teepee design with evergreen trees, was given to us by a Great Aunt. It’s actually classified as an antique and dates pre-1942. You wouldn’t know it, the colors are vibrant and the blanket shows few signs of wear.

Their products are a major part of our lifestyle and Western Heritage in the Pacific Northwest.  If you’ve ever owned a Pendleton blanket, sweater, or classic wool shirt, it’s a connection to a long history which started in the late 1800’s. In 1910, the company established itself as a purveyor of fine products with a socially responsible mission statement. Today, the company continues that philosophy by choosing many “green” business practices.

For example, the company recently developed “Eco-wise Wool.” From the sheep to the shelf, It passes strict standards of sustainability and responsible environmental stewardship. Not only is the fabric created to leave the lightest impact on the earth, it is richly colored and delightful to touch. The best part, a special treatment lets it get softer every time you machine wash and dry it – and the colors remain true wash after wash.

Pendleton has its company headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The original plants in Pendleton, Oregon, and Washougal, Washington, are among the few woolen mills still in operation in the United States today. By the way, Pendleton woolen fabrics and blankets are still woven at the two aforementioned mills. The Washougal Mill is open daily and free tours are available on Monday through Friday – you’re asked to call ahead @ 360-835-1118.

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