Nurture Nature with Washington State License Plates

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

If you follow our blog, News and Views, you know we’re not shy about our love for nature. ViewHomes™ of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors™ sums up a desire to live in harmony with beautiful environments. Therefore, when we’re not selling ViewHomes, we spend our time at our own retreat surrounded by nature, or we’re enjoying outdoor adventures in other locales.

Since we have a new car on the way, we’ve been exploring license plate options. In our research, we’ve discovered the Washington State special license plates. Most states have them, I’m sure. Drivers can show their support for a variety of causes, including state parks and the environment. We’ve decided to support the Department of Fish and Wildlife. ( A portion of the fees are donated to help improve species management.)

Here are couple of choices. I think we’re both leaning toward the Steelhead design. It is fun, colorful, and will look good with the grayish green color of our new SUV. Plus, if you notice, it reflects the core colors found in our Nature As Neighbors logo. The custom lettering will be N8TURE – of course. We’re both excited to have our transportation become another reflection of our core values.

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