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This is the time of the year when buyers seem to long for a home along a river. An idyllic lifestyle comes to mind for us too. Lemonade on the deck after a dip in the swimming hole on a hot summer day. Blanket wrapped fall mornings with a mug of hot coffee. There’s so much to celebrate about life along a river. It can feel like a resort vacation – everyday.

We think the Washougal River is one of the most beautiful in our region, and the above photo showcases all the reasons. Pristine water tumbles over rocks and logs, waterfalls cascade from the cliffs above, and towering evergreens line the banks. In fact, the photo was taken near the Fish Hatchery – just a few minutes from a very special property.

Deck 2 Washougal River Rd-large-065-64-16241 Washougal River Road64-1500x1000-72dpi

If you’re longing for a retreat, one that has the potential for serenity, creativity, and fun, we’ve got the perfect spot for you. This one-level custom home sits on the Washougal River with a gorgeous private waterfall to delight, mesmerize, and entertain. You can’t help but feel as if you’re at a destination resort on these grounds.

To say it’s special is an understatement. It’s a one-of-a-kind location and property. If you’re sick of cookie-cutter homes and long for a unique floor plan, and something different from all the same colors and finishes we see, ad nauseam, this home might be the one. Two master suites, located on each end of the home, open up interesting possibilities.

The magical location alone is worth the price of admission, add the house, the gardens, and your own vision for a personal masterpiece.  A scenic 25 minute drive from the Safeway store in Washougal takes you the gated driveway of this private retreat. If you’d like to see if for yourself, contact us today, before it’s too late.

Nature as Neighbors – Gardeners Experience Zen Digging in the Dirt

If you’re like me, digging in the dirt can calm, ground, and refresh your mood, all at once.  It’s truly an enjoyable endeavor that also pays off in beautiful blooms and tasty vegetables and fruits. Studies have shown that gardening can have a meditative, healing effect on people – one study coined the phrase Horticultural Therapy.  It is definitely an area in our lives where we experience “elbow room for the soul”.

In Clark County, WA, you’ll have to adjust your gardening style to the different conditions within our region. For example, those of us who live in East County – Fishers Landing, Camas, and Washougal have gorge winds to reckon with as they can cause problems with our plantings.

Strong winds tug at delicate root systems and prevent optimal growth. In addition, the wind dries out soil, therefore gardeners must be mindful and water deeply and with more frequency to avoid stress.  Pathogens are also carried from one plant to the next, especially when accompanied by rain ( that never happens around here, right?).

Facing the Gardening Challenges of Windy Conditions

You can create barriers for your more delicate plantings ( eg. tomatoes) to help block the winds. Small retaining walls, mesh screens, and trellis panels can be quite effective.  Some gardeners create small recesses within windy slopes or other areas. These pockets are surrounded with a build up of stone or rocks and covered with a heavy layer of mulch to help retain moisture.

Thoughtful placement of trees and shrubs can also provide wind protection for your garden in East County. Consider hardy varieties such as redbud, mountain ash, dogwood, and Japanese maples, to name a few. We like shrubs such as rose hips, lavender, and high-bush cranberry. It’s essential that windbreaks are 50% permeable to filter the winds.

We’ve designed our raised-bed garden on a terraced southern slope that gets more sun and less cold north winds. Terracing makes it possible to garden on a slope with little concern over erosion. The heat stored by the terrace wall above each strip provides a bit of thermal protection for the crops below.

Gardening provides such a feeling of satisfaction. Digging in the dirt is good for the soul and our health. You can’t get much more fresh and local than the harvest from your own garden. Here’s to a great growing season in East Clark County, Washington.





We’re concerned about our dwindling bee populations and will be doing our part this summer. More on that to come. What are you doing to help save the bees? Let us know, we’d love to share your tips and send you a special “Bee the Change,” magnet to say thank you. Help us spread the work and create a good buzz.

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We have a property for sale on the Washougal River with a million dollar view. Fortunately for you, it’s bargain priced at $499,900. The sellers are throwing in the house and gardened landscape for free! You’re not going to find an offer like this one everyday.

Seriously, this property really does have a million dollar view and we think this one-level custom home is priced qute fairly. Afterall, it has two-master suites with separate entrances, a 200 square foot heated shop, a vibrant solarium Great Room, and endless possibilities.

As you enter the front gate, winding paths through tree-filtered sunlight open to delightful and varied gardens. The mood is one of reflection and relaxation. You feel a million miles from everywhere, yet you’re only about 25 minutes to the Safeway store in Washougal.

A bubbling fountain greets you at the front door, and as you enter, views of the Washougal River and Lalolu falls take your breath away. It’s simply stunning. Nature’s handiwork is everywhere you look.

Sliders lead to the deck from various rooms in the home lending it to seamless indoor/outdoor living space. A glass and steel deck railing was built with preserving the view in mind.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind property. If you’re sick of seeing all the same finishes and color themes in newer homes or remodels, you’ll find this one quite refreshing. And of course, there is that million dollar view.

Contact us today for your private tour.

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Forget-Me-Not, Dear Father

The story of us has evolved – from the four of us, to the six of us – my husband and me, my sister and her husband, and our parents. My sister and I had a good life while growing up, thanks to our parents. We both feel it’s now our turn to ensure they spend their latter years surrounded by love and support. Therefore, we all moved to the same multi-generational property in Camas last Fall. 

For us, the key to making this work is privacy and cooperation. We consult each other on important matters that involve all of us, and try to give one another the space we need to breath. Admittedly, while we wait for our parents cottage to be built, it’s not ideal at the moment, but we make it work. A good sense of humor, patience, and the knowledge of of “end in sight” is helpful. 

My dad has dementia and it comes with mood swings and moments of frustration. He’s still lucid enough to remember us all, and generally knows what’s going on. However, it’s sad to watch his impatience with himself when he loses a thought or a word. He often repeats himself as if stuck in a loop, especially if he’s stressed or over tired. Things that used to be easy take time.

Mom needs us as much as he does. The illness is often just as difficult for a spouse as it is for the person affected by memory loss. We all work to jog his memory with stories and frequently mention the names of friends and family members. We try not to remind him of his inability to remember things and pretend as if we’ve heard a story or suggestion for the first time, rather than the fourth or fifth. The moods swings take love and understanding. 

My dad’s younger sister and her family came to visit us yesterday. They live north of us in the Seattle area. It was good to relive old memories, and when we couldn’t recall a place or name, we laughed at the normal momentary memory loss most experience as we age. What a juxtaposition I thought to myself, we’re sharing old memories, making a new memories, and visiting together while we can all be remembered. Tears flowed when they left amid exchanges of ” I love you’s.”  “Life moves too damn fast,” someone said. 

Sunday’s are family day at our multi-generational household and we’ll be hosting dinner for everyone at our place this evening. I’m not sure what’s on the menu yet,  as I’m still honoring the feelings of my bittersweet mood this morning. I’m overall grateful though, and happy to be here. I’m certain none of us will ever regret this time spent as a family, together again.  I love you mom and dad.



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Hanging Baskets Add Color to Spring Mornings

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Waterfront lifestyles are special. The views are ever-changing, and the abundance of wildlife is an extra bonus.

Not far from Camas, there’s a small pocket of six luxurious homes built on large lots with stunning views. So unexpected, not everyone knows about this delightful neighborhood. Deer, eagles, osprey and other wildlife are frequent guests. Downtown Camas is literally a few blocks to the East.

Fortunately, one owner has decided it’s time to downsize. That means you’ll soon have the chance to purchase one of these Camas ViewHomes™. If you’re looking for a large home, close to everything, yet connected to Nature, this might be the one. Children in the area attend the highly regarded Camas School District.

Soon, we’ll be listing this lovely home at Nature As Neighbors. We’re delighted to offer you another ViewHome™ with “elbow room for the soul.”

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The mercury is climbing, and so is the demand for homes with the cooling fun of the Washougal River. Washougal riverfront homes provide year round pleasure and relaxation, but for some people, it takes hot weather to remind them.

If you’re dreaming of summer fun along the gorgeous Washougal River, we’ve got the perfect spot for you. Welcome to the Washougal River House Retreat. It’s located about 25 minutes from the Safeway store in Washougal and it’s worth every minute of the drive.

Lalolu Falls DSCN1597

We doubt you’ll find a more magical location. Tucked back amid towering firs, a custom one-level home has been designed to capitalize on stunning views of the river, and a gorgeous waterfall. Lalolu Falls shrinks and expands with the level of the river, creating amazing shows similar to a geyser.

Steel ships stairs lead down to the river and give easy access to a perfect swimming hole. This home is well above the floodplain, an important consideration for those who want to live along the water. Gardens line the wooded drive into the property and are connected with winding pathways.

Front Entrance Garden- West Inside Front Gate DSC_0069 Summer - Front Entrance Garden and Pond

We think you can have it all. Call us today for your private tour and discover your perfect opportunity for the fun and relaxing lifestyle on the Washougal River – plus a waterfall.

* We think you’ll enjoy a blog site hosted by the owners, visit The Washougal River House Retreat and discover even more information about this amazing property.”

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We have been watching our fields for the amazing monarch butterflies as they return on their journey North to the United States and Canada. The monarch has been a marvel of nature for centuries – noted as much for its spectacular beauty as its impressive migration patterns between North and South America. Scientists estimate that some monarchs travel as much as 2,000 miles, returning each year to their warmer resting spots in the South.  East Coast monarchs winter in Mexico, while West Coast flocks – appropriately called “kaleidoscopes” – head to Southern California.

In recent years, though, there has been a recognizable decline in population due to pesticides, loss of habitat, and reduction in milkweed fields – especially in the West. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is conducting a survey to determine if the monarch should be listed under the Endangered Species Act.  Meanwhile, the Monarch Joint Venture is coordinating the efforts of public and private organizations to generate awareness of these problems and protect the monarch migration. As a result, several different programs combine the forces of citizen observers and social media to monitor and track the migration like never before.

The Monarch Joint Venture features a Citizen Science Opportunities page where individuals can participate in these studies. You can choose from Journey North where folks simply email sightings they have – to the more intense Monarch Watch that involves tagging, recapturing and documenting individual butterflies. Each site features migration maps where you can see the reports of sightings in your area. If you want to learn more about preserving monarch habitats, you can download the Xerces Society Milkweed Guide, which explains the importance of planting and maintaining milkweed fields which provide food sites for their migration.  We have planted a mixture of native flowers and shrubs just to attract butterflies.

So, whether you actively take part in the migration monitoring, plant a butterfly garden, or simply sit back and enjoy the sights, Spring is the time to be watching for those beautiful monarchs.

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Imagine waking up to this view everyday. You can, and because this home has been thoughtfully built to honor the views, you’re going to see it from most rooms. One-level living is centered around a vibrant glass solarium Great Room. Your guests will feel as if they’re visiting a destination resort.

Two master-suite quarters are located on each end of the home, providing for privacy and possibilities. This is not the usual ho-hum with the all the latest finishes you quickly tire of seeing in every newer home or remodel in Clark County. This is a home filled with warmth and character.  It’s unique, special, a true one-of-a-kind property.

The Washougal River and Lalolu Waterfall view is the star of this show, but winding trails through gardens amid towering fir trees are in themselves a true delight. If you’ve discovered the zen of working in a garden, or appreciate the beauty of shrubs and flowers, you’re going to love what the current owners have created. We think the entry acreage to the front door feels like a wooded retreat. On either side of the driveway, gardens are tucked into wooded openings and each spot engenders relaxation and reflection.

If you get the idea that we’re big fans of this magical home, you’re right. We recognize the special nature of this home and its location. Imagine making it your own. We think a wonderful opportunity awaits – will you be the one to capture it? Call us today for your private tour.

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One of our favorite events in Camas every year is the Annual Plant & Garden Fair held Saturday just before Mother’s Day (how convenient)! And to get everyone in the mood, the First Friday event May 6th will be the “Garden Gnome Gala.” Featuring a scavenger hunt throughout downtown Camas, the event gives prizes to participants who find the gnomes hidden in various business throughout downtown.  Just visiting the locations will enter you in a drawing to win a miniature fairy garden gift basket from Lizzabeth A. Nuestra Mesa restaurant will host the second night of their Cinco De Mayo party (which, of course, starts May 5th) featuring live music and outside dining and dancing both nights.

Those fun activities are just a warm-up for Saturday’s Plant and Garden Fair, which runs from 9 am to 4 pm downtown. It’s an opportunity to experience a wide selection of plants, trees, garden art and supplies – provided by local growers and artists. The fair is known for its selection of unique hand-made garden art, bird houses, garden furniture, fountains, wind chimes, iron works, and a wealth of other products. It will be hard to choose which gift you want for your mom – or even yourself!

This year’s fair will include a free potting station, with assistance, at 3rd and Cedar to put your plants in containers you buy before heading home.  Plus, free educational sessions are offered throughout the day at these vendor booths:

9:30 & 12:30        The Soap Chest: Herbal Infusions: Benefits and How-to’s
10:00 & 1:00        Half Moon Farm: Pollinators in the Garden; Education Bee Hive
10:30 & 1:30        Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection: Growing Clematis
11:00 & 2:00        The Water Shed: Water Gardens & Ponds
11:30 & 2:30        Clark County Master Composters: Worm Bin Composting
12:00 & 3:00        Rain Barrel Man: Using Rain Barrels

Also, be sure to check out the booth by Arai Nursery, one of our neighbors, and a family business we will be featuring in an up-coming post.

So, make it a Camas Garden Weekend – troll the gnomes on Friday, and stroll the streets on Saturday to get your fill of plants, flowers, and gardens!

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The focus of our weekend has been getting the veggie starts going, and finishing up building the raised garden boxes. It’s quite a chore as we’re terracing them along a slope – there’s lots of digging and “level” checks. “Mac,” our white golden retriever got in the act and supervised at times.

Dougan Falls is one of the most popular spots in our region for cooling off during the warm summer months. Admittedly, it’s truly a magical design from Nature. However, we think those of you who enjoy a more soothing cool-off will love our listing which is located about a mile and a half from Dougan Falls. 

It too has a marvelous location, and we think Mother Nature has again created a masterpiece. It also offers fun along the Washougal River and a waterfall. The difference? This wonderful spot is private. Let’s face it, after a certain age, most of us still enjoy the fun of a summertime dip in the water, albeit a bit more toned down than our teenage years.

This property is one of the best locations we’ve seen with a house attached – and as Realtors® specializing in ViewHomes™ of Clark County, that says quite a lot. The list of amenities and the natural gifts that accompany this home is lengthy. And, with a custom one-level design featuring two private sections to the home’s Master Suites, we think this property lends itself to intriguing possibilities.

If you’d like to schedule a private tour of this property, contact us today, before it’s too late.

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Nothing says “Pacific Northwest” like fresh-caught seafood and microbrews, and now the two best are available in one venue in Ridgefield.  We have been huge fans of Pacific Northwest Best Fish Co. since they opened in 2001.  Originally a small seafood counter located in an improbably rural area, they have thrived and expanded – converting a simple drive-through cart into a sit-down seafood cafe. Their signature dish, Halibut Fish and Chips was voted “Best of Clark County” for 2016, as was their Seafood in general.

Our recent impromptu lunch visit confirmed our personal vote for Best Seafood, and now there is even more to like about the place – 3Peaks Public House and Taproom. Located in a previous cold storage warehouse adjacent to the Cafe, the atmosphere is clearly “Northwest Outdoor Comfort”.  The bar features (at our last count) some 16 taps surrounded by wood paneled walls adorned with photos and art created by local artists.  The menu offered a choice of PNWB dishes (order here, or next door at the cafe – they’ll deliver!) and traditional pub munchies.  Their tap menu rotates regularly – hosting special “Tap Take-over” events by local breweries. They also offer a nice selection of wines.

We usually have the halibut fish tacos – a healthy choice since the fish is grilled, and not at all greasy. Wrapped in a flour tortilla, they are topped with their special slaw made with marinated cabbage and cream sauce – just the right amount of spicy and cool. Add a touch of salsa, and you have the perfect lunch to accompany a pint of cold microbrew.

We sat outside on the loading dock/porch and soaked in the early Spring sun.  The food was great as always, and the beer recommended by the bartender was a pleasant surprise – a slightly floral RPA with a hint of mango. Not fruity at all, and a nice complement to the tacos.

Even after that satisfying meal, we couldn’t resist shopping the seafood counter for fresh halibut – it truly is the best in the area. So take the time to head up to Ridgefield and enjoy the wonderful combination of fresh seafood and local hand-crafted microbrews.

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Perhaps it’s Time to Chase a Waterfall at this Washougal River Home.

This is one waterfall you won’t want to miss. This is one property you won’t want to miss. Zen, magical, and magnificent are all words visitors use to describe this incredible property. We believe it’s a one-of-a-kind retreat.

A rare one-level home on the water awaits you. The two-master suite design lends itself to interesting possibilities. A solarium designed Great Room provides the vibrant energy in this private retreat. Walls of glass give you ever-changing views of the Washougal River and Lalolu Falls.

The one-acre parcel is fenced and gated. A winding path through the towering fir trees lead to garden after garden. Native and non-native shrub and plants bloom from Spring through Fall. Gardeners and flower lovers will delight in discovering all of the delightful spaces.

Sights and sounds of nature fill your soul. Heron, eagles, and osprey soar overhead. Visiting otters may float by, and an occasional deer may pass through – hummingbirds and songbirds round out the entertainment. This is a true Nature As Neighbors ViewHome.

The Washougal River is accessible too, with steel ships stairs leading from the deck to the water below. A large pool lends itself to swimming and a concrete deck is a great place to warm up in the sunshine. Imagine the summer-time fun for visiting friends and family.

We think Lalolu Waterfall is the true star of the show, creating much of the magic in this retreat along the Washougal River. The Falls change with the level of the river, which can rise and fall within four to five feet in just a few hours. This shift can result in a geyser-like spray shooting up into the air and bouncing off rocks and trees as sheets of mist.

Intrigued yet? We think you’ll find waterfall chasing to be a delightful adventure. Imagine owning your own Washougal River home with a private waterfall view? Call us today and discover the beauty of “elbow room for the soul,” and the magic of Lalolu Falls.


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One of the many advantages of living in the Pacific Northwest is the opportunity to see wildlife throughout the region. We are especially fortunate to have two of the largest wildlife refuges right here in Clark County – Ridgefield and Steigerwald Lake in Washougal.  Both are managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and provide residents with unique opportunities to view and photograph birds and other native species in their natural habitat. This is especially true during Spring when the refuges serve as natural “landing spots” for migrating birds.

Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Columbia River in Washougal, Washington and is a birder’s paradise. More than 200 species of waterfowl and songbirds have been recorded here, making it the perfect spot to slow down and enjoy nature. The refuge includes wetlands and pastures with riparian strips lined with cottonwoods and Oregon white oak trees.

The easy 2.8 mile loop trail is family friendly as there is little elevation gain.  The refuges serves as a migratory crossroads for a number of bird species.  The land also provides valuable habitat for resident wildlife. We think this short video does a great job of showcasing the importance of this local resource. Plus,  a walk along the Gibbons Creek Art Trail can prove to be scream inducing. ( See what we mean at 1.35 in the video)


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It’s family day at our Multi-gen household and my sis and her husband are still on their road trip, back by May 1st. My husband and I will be hosting Sunday dinner for my folks again today, and I think we’re having a Roast chicken on the Traeger.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that the founder of Earth Day, Denis Hayes, grew up in Camas and part of his motivation was to clean up his own town’s environment. So what better way to celebrate Earth Day this year, than to help clean up Downtown Camas?

The condition of downtown and our environment have greatly improved since the first Earth Day in 1970, so it shows how effective group effort can be to bring about change. But there is always work to be done, and that is why the Downtown Camas Association organizes an Annual Spring Cleanup and Plant Day.

This year, the event is schedule for Sunday, April 24 from 1 to 4, meeting at the Journey Community Church, 4th and Birch. Be sure to bring gloves and garden tools, and dress to get dirty! There will be lots of weeding, digging, planting, raking, and barkdusting (if that is a word)!  Lots of good clean fun, and a meaningful way to contribute to the community and participate in Earth Day. It’s also great preparation for the upcoming First Friday in May -The Camas Plant & Garden Fair – so check back for more information about that event.  As a bonus, Journey will be hosting a free lunch for participants.

For more information about Camas Spring Cleanup and Planting Day, give us a call.


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The Heights in Vancouver Washington – Market Report 2016

The Heights is a section of Vancouver Washington with over 1600 homes, businesses, public facilities, and open spaces. It’s located in the south central area of the city and has it’s own “home town” feel – as a microcosm of the larger community.

ViewHomes in The Heights often sit on a ridge overlooking Portland City lights and the Columbia River. For example, there is a lovely estate for sale right now on Dubois Drive in Braewood. It sits on .72 acres and has stunning views, a pool, and a private tennis court.

Point of Interest: Historic Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Park and Museum are located within close proximity. For those who enjoy flying, living in The Heights and having access to public hangar storage, and a runway, is highly desirable. Nearby shopping and restaurants – and easy access to Portland make this area attractive to those who enjoy a socially active lifestyle.

ViewHomes™ of Clark County currently for Sale in The Heights

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This week on Friday, April 22nd, we celebrate the 46th annual Earth Day.  Started by local Camas resident Denis Hayes back in 1972, it has become an international movement that has raised our collective environmental consciousness. Coincidentally, while sitting here starting this post, I kept hearing a sweet chirping coming from a nearby meadow. We are surrounded by song birds this time of year, and often can identify different birds based on their sound, but I couldn’t quite place this one:

Turns out, it is a Wilson’s Warbler, a bright yellow migratory bird that flies over 2,500 miles annually to winter in Central America. As they start to return every spring, it would be easy to mistake this little guy for another bright yellow bird, the American Goldfinch, state bird of Washington. But a closer look (if you can get that) shows the difference. Wilson’s Warbler has light green wings, while the goldfinch has black and white striped wings. I couldn’t actually spot the warbler, but it was nice to hear his song.

Which brought me back to my original theme, Earth Day, but led me to another topic – Gratitude.  Starting way back with Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” – about pesticides killing off songbirds – there have been people sounding the alarm about what we need to do to protect our environment. When Denis Hayes started Earth Day awareness, we were focusing on air and water pollution, and how it affected our health. Through their efforts, we have become more aware of actions we can take to help preserve the environment – from simple recycling to lobbying for legislation.

Sometimes small gestures can lead to big changes, and for this I am grateful.  Because through our environmental-friendly habits, the effects add up to help all creatures on this planet.  Even the small Wilson’s Warbler that happened to greet my morning with its cheerful song.  I am grateful you’re still coming back every year.

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As REALTOR’s who specialize in family estates, properties with acreage, and multi-generational homes, we think having privacy and space is a huge part of this enjoyable lifestyle. It also helps to be surrounded with beautiful and soothing landscapes with Nature As Neighbors.

This is one of the views we’re enjoying outside our windows this morning. The forecast is calling for sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend. Needless to say, we’re feeling “in the pink” today in Camas, Washington. Wishing you the same.

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“Timing is everything” is an expression that certainly applies to viewing the blossoming Camas lily field  in Lacamas Lake Regional Park. They are in their prime late April through May, when they explode into hues from pale lilac to deep purple. If you hike along the Round Lake Trail, you will note a sign steering you off the path to a field carpeted with lilies.  It is a spectacular sight, worth visiting during the height of its blooms.

Surprisingly, this beautiful plant was also a major source of food for Native Americans who lived in the area, and also helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition survive their winter here. The flower is edible, as well as the bulb – boiled like a potato, or dried and pounded into flour.  The once flourishing fields and meadows of lilies have been greatly diminished by developments and modern agriculture.  This particular field is protected and will continue its annual display – hopefully for generations to come.

You can reach the field by hiking the Round Lake Trail loop – a relatively moderate stretch of 1.5 miles starting in the parking lot off NE Everett.  There are some steep hills, but they level out eventually. The other option is to hike in from 3rd Avenue in Camas along the Lacamas Creek Trail past Lower Falls and Potholes Falls.  That also presents a few uphill segments, but is worth the trek for the views of the creek along the way.

Your outdoor kids will love this hike because it meanders through towering firs and thick brush, immersing you in nature. A footbridge crosses over loud, swirling rapids that pour over boulders into a churning hydraulic.  The sights and sounds of so much powerful rushing water is impressive. This contrasts nicely to the quiet serenity of the lily fields, where you can sit and meditate on its stunning beauty.

The creek trail ties into the Round Lake loop just South of the lily fields.  Look for a sign directing you to the meadow.

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ViewHomes™ of Battle Ground – Located in the Heart of Clark County, WA 

Battle Ground sounds like a place of conflict, ironically the city is named for the absence of a battle. If you’re interested in the details about the actual history, you can learn more here. The city has undergone tremendous growth during the last 20 years and now has a population of about 20 thousand people.

Battle Ground is located in the center of Clark County, 16 miles northwest of Vancouver and about four miles from Interstate 5. The city is flanked by the Cascade Mountains to the east, and the Coastal Range to the west. Rolling hills and pasture land gave it an unofficial slogan – “The Agricultural Heart of Clark County.”

Point of Interest: Battle Ground Lake Park is located approximately three miles northeast of the city. The state park’s 280 acres are centered on an ancient crater lake of volcanic origin. The park offers five miles of horse trails and a primitive equestrian camping area. The spring-fel lake is stocked with trout and is a favorite of local fishermen.

April 2016 Real Estate Snapshot for ViewHomes of Battle Ground

There are currently 36 Active ViewHomes for sale in Battle Ground at Nature As Neighbors.™ The most expensive is listed at 1.7 million, but is actually an historic home with most of the value in the adjacent acreage. Forty acres with 5 acre zoning make this an interesting investment, and with Battle Ground Lake State Park just across the road, the location is ideal.

Battle Ground ViewHomes are selling well this Spring of 2016. The median days on the market vary from 48 – 106 days. The average list is $547,500 and the average sold is $525,975. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation if you’re considering listing your home in the Battle Ground area. Buyers, we specialize in ViewHomes of Clark County and would enjoy helping you find the perfect spot to find “elbow room for the soul.” ™

Begin your search today.

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Sunday’s are Family day at our Multigenerational Household in Camas, Washington. It’s normally when all three families get together to enjoy life and share a meal.

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else but Me. Happy Spring – we’re loving the blossoming scene at our Camas ViewHome™ right now.

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Waterfront Retreat in Washougal – Skamania County

Welcome to the RiverHouse Retreat. You’ll feel as if you’re a million miles away from everything, but in reality, you’re only about 25 minutes to Washougal. This vibrant home is a conduit to creativity, nature, and serenity.  A thoughtful layout ensures most rooms take in the dramatic views of Lalolu (Law’ low loo) Falls and the Washougal River. It has two very private Master Suites for dual living options, or couples who prefer their occasionally prefer their own space.

Dougan Falls is about 1.3 miles away, but the owners say the popularity of the summertime destination has little impact on their lifestyle. The acre plus property is gated and fenced for privacy and security. Since the river runs lower during the summer months, it makes it difficult for rafters to work their way downstream. A deep swimming hole does provide for nearly year round fun and cooling.

Call us today for a tour of this exceptional property. Take a short tour now of the magical setting located on the banks above the Washougal River.



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Livingston Mountain is one of the best spots for views in Camas. Residents in the area really do have Nature As Neighbors, and large five-acre parcel lots give them plenty of “elbow room for the soul.”

One of our multi-generational family/clients live in a gorgeous home in the gated Autumn Hills neighborhood. We love to visit them too, as we’re always treated to views of wildlife, plus expansive views of the valley and horizons beyond,  Children attend the award-winning Camas School District too.

New construction in the area is being built in Diamond Estates by Copper Creek Homes, and Livingston Estates by Quail Homes. If you’re interested in taking a tour of these new neighborhoods, we’d be happy to assist.

ViewHomes of Livingston Mountain                                    

We specialize in ViewHomes of Clark County and our clients share our appreciation for Nature As Neighbors. A private retreat on acreage provides a serene and calm environment, and there’s room to garden, play with kids or  grand kids, and enjoy frequent visits from wildlife. It’s a lifestyle our multi-generational family enjoys too. 

Here is a quick market summary of ViewHomes in Livingston Mountain with acreage:

There are currently seven Active Listings, the most expensive is priced at $2,500,000 with 7,261 SqFt on 40 acres. Since the property is actually two tax parcels, the second parcel hs the potential for a second building site. The most affordable homes at this time are two currently listed at $699,900

3 have Sold in the past 6 months ranging from $580,000 to $1,200,000.  Average SqFt was 5,336, and Average $/SqFt was $160. The Average Sale Price was $920.665. (Clark County average for 2015 was $298,300.) 

Point of Interest! Neighbors and visitors enjoy the convenience of the Fern Prairie Market, at 1817 NE 267th Ave.  It is not just a gas station/convenience store, but a miniature supermarket with fresh produce, meats, staples, staples, and frozen foods (with an extensive pizza selection!) Their deli counter also offers fresh custom-made sandwiches, including breakfast sandwiches.

If you want to learn more about ViewHomes in Livingston Mountain and Nature As Neighbors, contact us a Harcourts USA -The Carl Group. 

You can begin your search here.

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