We’ve all been aware of the trend in this country of multi-generational families choosing to live together.  It appeared as a temporary phenomenon during the recent recession years – children moving back into their parent’s home for economic reasons.  But as we emerge from that downturn, the patterns are clear – more families are choosing to live together – under the same roof or on the same property – and not just for economic reasons.

Most families who make that choice report personal or quality of life reasons for the decision: aging parents need attention, but don’t want to move into a facility; they want grandparents closer to grandchildren, and help in childcare; or, they just like doing things together but with separate quarters.  Whatever the reasons, we have seen this trend emerging in Clark County as more of our clients want multi-gen homes.  Yet, in spite of market demand, the options are still somewhat limited, and it takes some creativity to find the right property for many families.

For several years, in order to find a home on the RMLS that had multi-gen potential, you had to search a variety of fields for clues.  Clearly, “2ND-RES” or “ADU” – Auxiliary Dwelling Unit indicates a second residence, but not all lots can accommodate two living units. Likewise, “SEPLVQT – Apartment or Auxiliary Living Unit” or “GSTQTR” – Guest Quarters” are useful fields, if used by the listing agent. But those are sub-fields in obscure locations like “Interior Features” and  “Exterior Features”.

Recently, our local RMLS addressed this situation by adding a field “Dual Living Y/N”, which is supposed to pick up any indications in any field that separate or auxiliary quarters are available.  While this may help, you still need to carefully screen each listing to see if the situation is right for your client. Even with that search, you may need to be more creative, depending upon your client’s budget. For example, a daylight basement with a bathroom – can a small kitchen be added? Is there enough room on the lot to add a small structure that taps into existing water and utilities?  These, of course, depend largely on your local zoning and building codes that the buyers will need to check out.

For a quick search of Multi-Gen Homes listed in Clark County, check out our website.  Or call us – we are specialists in multi-generational living.


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Rural often means a home with acreage, views, and frequent visits from wildlife. We call it living with Nature As Neighbors and plenty of “elbow room for the soul.”™ It’s a lifestyle that we feel very passionate about, as we live it ourselves. Research suggests it’s good for us to live within close proximity to a lot of green. Call it vitamin “N” for Nature, as one Washington Post writer suggests.

We specialize in ViewHomes™ of Clark County – our clients share our appreciation for Nature As Neighbors. A private retreat on acreage provides a serene and calm environment, and there’s room to garden, play with kids or  grand kids, and enjoy frequent visits from wildlife. If you are looking for a view home with privacy, you should consider the Washougal, WA area. 

The Washougal River, whose name is Chinook for “rushing water”, starts its 33-mile run from Gifford Pinchot National Forest in the Cascade Mountains and flows into the Columbia River through the towns of Camas and Washougal. About 63% of its watershed is forested, which accounts for its pristine water quality and excellent recreation and fishing activities. Homes in the area are typically rural, and open – providing “elbow room for the soul.”

Combine the luxury of privacy with the diversity of views, and you have a very popular area for homesites. Washougal view homes are in the highly desirable Camas and Washougal School Districts. 

Although currently pending, here is an example of the type of amazing private retreats you can find in the area – especially along the Washougal River.

Here is a quick market summary of ViewHomes™ in Washougal, WA   

37 Active listings from $300,000 to $4,750,000
Average Square Footage: 3,861
Average $/SqFt: $235
19 Sold in last 3 months: $300,000 to  $840,000
Average Square Footage: 2866
Average $/SqFt: $175

Destination Point: Dougan Falls is a major waterfall along the Washougal River. It rushes down 19 feet into a narrow trough, then widens out into a massive deep pool. Picnic tables and toilets are provided in the day use area. Great place to bring kids for a picnic or day outing.  Note: Washington State Discover Pass is required, unless it’s a free day.

If you want to learn more about ViewHomes™ in the Washougal and Nature As Neighbors, contact us at Harcourts USA -The Carl Group.  You can begin your search here.

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Homes with Nature As Neighbors in Camas

Homes on a bit of land not only give you more privacy, they often provide a connection to the harmony of nature. It’s an important connection that calms our brains and soothes our souls. Many of these acreage-homes in Camas have excellent views of the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Hood, the Columbia River, and Portland city lights.

Living with Nature is Beneficial

When we get closer to nature, in the deep wilderness, or sitting under a backyard tree, our overstressed brains can take a breather. Scientist David Strayer specializes in research aimed at how nature affects our brains and bodies. He claims nature does indeed have healing powers. Research in hospitals, offices, and schools has found that even a simple plant in a room can have a substantial impact on stress and anxiety.

Perhaps that’s why we also gave up our more urban lifestyle and moved to an acreage home above Camas/Washougal. It’s been nearly a year in our new setting – and our multi-generational family members can all attest to the beneficial aspects of living with Nature As Neighbors.™

ViewHomes for Sale in Camas WA

51 Active Homes – Average List price $960,000

11 Pending – Average List price $750,000

31 Sold ( Within 6 months) Average Sold price $650,000

Days on Market  48-76

Sales price to List price  96.38%

If you’re interested in learning more about properties with land, and the lifestyle in Camas, Washington, we’d love to help. We specialize in ViewHomes ™- houses with land, family estates, and multi-generational homes. The common denominator? Our sellers and buyers feel that privacy is the ultimate luxury. We call it “elbow room for the soul.” ™

Begin your search now at

Our Featured Camas Listing has it all – and a great location just a mile from Downtown Camas. Be sure to call today for a private tour.

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It’s tough to beat the warmth and charm of a log home. We know of a beauty located on about five and half acres in the Washougal area. Luxury and rustic meet in a most delightful way. This 3300 sq. ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.1 baths home with a shop, garden, and spring-fed creek awaits you. Discover the joy of ” Nature As Neighbors and elbow room for the soul.”™

Call us today for your private tour@ 360-608-4900.


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Growing up in Alaska, I was spoiled with plenty of fresh salmon, halibut, and crab. Bernie also grew up close to fresh seafood, so we are both very particular about what we buy.  Local supermarkets are sometimes OK, but uneven in the quality and availability. So it was a delight to learn last year that B&B Fish Market was coming to Camas.

Opened by the Bellamy family – Zetta (the Mom), Robert & Janel – they come from a line of fifth-generation sports fishermen who have enjoyed the fresh catch and shellfish of the Pacific Northwest for years.  They decided to share their passion for fresh-caught seafood by starting their own shop in a converted old home on 5th Ave in downtown Camas.

As with any new business, we wanted to give them time to get settled before writing a review.  Since then, we have had the pleasure to visit them many times over the year, and we are pleased to report they are doing just fine!  Their fresh selection is always good – including this week, local fresh Chinook salmon.

We recently learned they do quite a bit of smoked fish that they can ship nationwide. Their salmon, steel head, halibut, and sole jerky are all smoked in house using a combination of alder, cherry,  and apple woods.  They also offer a variety of flavors – honey, pepper, even spicy, and a sample pack if you’re not sure which one you’d like.

(Side note: On a recent visit, my husband discovered not only the fresh-caught Chinook, but also “Hoppin’ John’s Best Oyster Knife I’ve Ever Used.”  He was intrigued because, as a kid growing up near the Chesapeake Bay, he is very familiar with all types of oysters and how to properly shuck them. So he did his research, and on his next trip he bought one. Unfortunately, B&B’s oysters are so popular – they were all out that day.  We’ll test drive it and report back!)

So check out their website, and if you’re ever in downtown Camas, drop by.  They are very knowledgeable and friendly, and you can expect the freshest seafood in the area.

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ViewHomes of Livingston Mountain in Camas WA 

Some of our favorite ViewHomes™ of Clark County™ are located on Livingston Mountain in Camas.This area features a variety of homes on larger parcels of land and many of the homes have great views of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River, and Portland city lights.

The topography of this region is defined by the foothills of the Cascade Mountains to the East and the Columbia River Gorge to the South. Rolling hillsides – offering territorial views – rise up to dramatic vantage points of Mt. Hood, St. Helens, and the Columbia River. Combine the luxury of privacy with the diversity of views, and you have a very popular area for homesites.  Livingston Mountain is in the highly desirable Camas School District.

Residents of the neighborhoods located on Livingston Estates have  ” Nature As Neighbors, and plenty of Elbow Room for the Soul.”™  The Regional Multiple Listing Service often pulls in other listings, not located on Livingston Mountain, and it benefits buyers to utilize the expertise of a local Real Estate expert to help get accurate data for the area.

Market Snapshot for Livingston Mountain as of August 2, 2016 ( 3 months) 

8 Active Listings      Median Days on Market 33     Median List $787,000

2 Pending Listings   Median Days on Market 50    Median List  $556,950

1 Sold Listing           Median Days on Market 29   Median Sold  $545,000

The sold listing closed on May 31, 2016 and, relatively speaking, was quite a good value for a home located in a gated neighborhood on Livingston Mountain. The home was built in the mid 90’s and still needs some cosmetic updates however, it does have a new roof, gutters, and heat pump. The five-acre setting has a year round creek and spectacular views of Mount Hood.

Point of Interest! Neighbors and visitors enjoy the convenience of the Fern Prairie Market, at 1817 NE 267th Ave.  It is not just a gas station/convenience store, but a miniature supermarket with fresh produce, meats, staples, staples, and frozen foods (with an extensive pizza selection!) Their deli counter also offers fresh custom-made sandwiches, including breakfast sandwiches.

Begin your search here for properties on large parcels of land in, or around, Livingston Mountain. 

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Hockinson Market 1928 Hockinson, WA is a somewhat wonderful enigma – rural country life with upscale amenities and sophistication. Its downtown evokes nostalgic images of modest Main Street USA. Yet the area features many spacious luxury ViewHomes™ and estates.

The original general store – Hockinson Market – started as a farm co-op and has been in continuous use since 1928. Today it is a hub of activity for the area. At the intersection of two major backcountry roads, the market is both a convenience store for gas, snacks, and sodas, as well as a full-service ice cream counter for cones, sundaes, and milkshakes. With its recently-added tap room for local craft beers and cider, the market is celebrating its grand opening this Sunday, July 31 with an all-ages Summer Party.

From 2pm to 11pm, the Hockinson Market Tap Room will host scavenger hunts, trivia games, and local vendors onsite with beer, wine, and chocolate.  It is an all-ages event for the entire community.  Intrepid locals who wear their vintage Hockinson Market hat or shirt get a $1 discount on all tap drinks. (You can be an insider, too, by buying a new Tap Room T-shirt.) Guess the owner’s favorite treat on Facebook, and you could win a prize.

Homes in the area are in big demand, due to excellent schools and dramatic topography – rolling hills and steep slopes with panoramic views of the entire area.  The current average sales price of $394,800 compares favorably to the County average of $320,500. Active listings of view homes with at least an acre of land range in price from $459,900 to $1,450,000 with an average of $200/SqFt.

If you’d like more information about event in Hockinson and ViewHomes™ of Clark County, give us a call.  We’re your locals!

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It looks exotic, but is hardy in our climate, as its name implies, “Frostproof.” Our home is located in the hills above Camas and nighttime temperatures are often on the cool side during Spring

Imagine having the best of both worlds! You can own a private slice of heaven located less than a mile from the heart of downtown Camas. This ViewHome™ has plenty of room for the entire family, or visiting family members and friends if you’re empty nesters. It has classic and timeless appeal with a great layout that lends itself to privacy for everyone.

Looking for in-law quarters, or space for your college student to live until graduation? This home has a ton of potential with a large lower level with a private entry from the garage. It is the perfect multi-generational home because it gives everyone the breathing room they need for harmony. Large windows and decks create a connection to stunning views and nature, it’s both entertaining and soothing.

Talk about location – nestled in a hillside overlooking charming Camas, within walking distance of shops and restaurants. Minutes from recreation on Lacamas Lake, Columbia River, or in the scenic Columbia Gorge. Want to get away to bigger cities for some night life, or travel? Portland, Oregon is a short 30 minute drive, and Portland International Airport is only 20 minutes away.

Newly adjusted price of $669,000.00. Call us today for your private tour.

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Our multi-generational family is nearing the one-year mark of living together. Three couples sharing one structure has been quite the adventure. Compromise, patience, and a good sense of humor all come in handy.

We’re fortunate that our large home lends itself to separate living. My sister and her husband have the entire lower level with a completely private entrance. We live on the upper level, and mom and dad are currently using a section of our home with their own sitting room, bedroom and bathroom. The backyard modular cottage is a bit behind schedule (another story for another time), but we expect they will be moving into their own place this Fall.

We shared some of our advice with you last week, and as promised, this is part two of the important tips we’ve discovered help make life easier when you’re “together again.”

Be Flexible!
Life changes, and so will your living situation. For example, mom and dad have been downstairs, and are now upstairs, due to a delay in their home building process. It’s important to keep in mind the responsibilities of aging parents too. When one of the us has a busy schedule, or is out-of-town, the other couple picks up the majority of care and keeps the house-hold running smoothly.

Respect Differences
I’m sure mom and dad would do a few things differently than my husband and me, and my sister and her husband. We try to accept help and advice when offered. However, our parents are very respectful of our lifestyles, and don’t try to push their will onto any of us. Likewise, we give our parents their privacy and to give them the space they need for their own traditions of living life.

We decided to live together to share in the care of our aging parents. Our number one priority is their comfort and health – both mentally and physically. Dad has Dementia so it can create some stress at times, especially for mom. Remembering why we chose to share our lives keeps us focused on what’s important.

A Connection to Nature
Our property offers us a very strong connection to nature. We think its soothing and serene environment helps us all stay grounded. With over an acre of land, there is always a private spot to soak in the sights and sounds. We often sit in chairs on the deck and watch the fir trees sway in the wind, or count the stars sparkling bright in the night sky.

Have Fun Together
Some of our favorite days are when we share the outdoor chores of taking care of our acreage. Gardening is less of a chore when you have someone to share it with, so is chopping wood, or any household maintenance requirement. It’s fun to have a cold beverage at the end of the day as we sit in satisfaction around the outdoor fire pit.

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but judging from recent reports, it’s popularity continues to grow. We can honestly say, it’s working for us. The precious moments we share today will give us a the wonderful memories for tomorrow.  If we can help you find a Multi-generational home in Clark County, or offer you some first-hand lifestyle experience, contact us today.

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Lavender blue dilly dilly, lavender green, When I am King dilly dilly, you shall be Queen. Our love affair with lavender at our rural home in Camas.

Recently, I was visiting our property along the East Fork of the Lewis River, clearing up the paths down to the river.  It’s in a remote part of the county, but occasionally you hear the normal sounds of civilization – cars on the road and planes overhead.  Yet, while sitting along the bank and listening to the waterfall nearby, nature won out. The sounds of civilization dissolved into the background.

Water has a natural, meditative effect on us — the sight and sound of moving water helps put us in a relaxed, reflective mode that seems to ameliorate any disruptions around us. This is one of the many reasons waterfront properties are at a premium – there is a built-in asset that many homes don’t have.  Some buyers want easy access to boating and active watersports. Others want a peaceful place for quiet reflection. Either way, we are drawn to water.

We are fortunate to live in an area where there are many diverse bodies of water – lakes, streams, and rivers that are still in their natural state.  Protection of these waterways is the focus of the state Shoreline Protection Act, passed by the legislature in 1971. It places strict limitations on any activity that could have “adverse effects” on aquatic natural resources – land, water, and marine life.  Development of any designated shoreline properties comes with tight regulations, setbacks, and mitigation requirements.

This can cause frustration for anyone trying to build or expand a house along a natural waterway (previous structures are grandfathered in). Jumping through regulatory hoops is no one’s idea of a fun activity, but once you understand the guidelines, the ultimate purpose of preservation is a worthy goal. Especially if it preserves a natural environment where everyday distractions dissolve into the background of nature’s resonance.

Take a few seconds to enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature.


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It’s nearly a year later and we not only love each other more than ever, but enjoy one another more than ever. How’s that for a testament to this lifestyle? We think the lifestyle offers numerous rewards and benefits, however we’ve discovered some important guidelines in our own journey of “together again” with mom and dad.

It’s tough to find many newer, luxury homes on acreage near downtown Camas.  While this home was built in 2005, it’s timeless design, high-end features and amenities, and the stunning view represent what many of today’s buyers want in a home.

The 4,000 square foot, 4 bedroom, 3 bath home sits on a small bluff just a mile from downtown Camas. Many properties on acreage have septics and wells, and natural gas appliances need to be fitted for propane. Not this one, it’s close-in location negates all of the aforementioned.

We think this property has the all important serenity and privacy desired by our clients, but with the convenience of being located with an easy commute of nearly everything. Keep in mind, a steep and sloping driveway gives you access to the home, but the setting it worth the hillside climb.  Call today for your tour.

Take a quick tour of the lifestyle to see if you’re a good match.


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To sit in solitude, to think in solitude with only the music of the stream and the cedar to break the flow of silence, there lies the value of wilderness.
– John Muir

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Save the bees! That’s just one of our mantras at Nature As Neighbors.

We are always thrilled when the right people come along and find the one they’ve been dreaming about in their hearts and minds. Is it serendipity, or great marketing? We think it’s a bit of both. If we can help you sell, or find, your own ViewHome in Clark County, WA, we’d love to help. After all, it’s all we do.

We know where to find Multi-gen homes, family estates, and homes with plenty of space for frequent visitors. In fact, we too live the lifestyle in our own ViewHome located in the hills above Camas/Washougal. Privacy and nature abound, yet recently, it was only a 20 minute trip to take our daughter and granddaughter to Portland International Airport for their return flight to Denver.

If you’re looking for an investment property on the water, we’ve got an option for you. A lovely one-level retreat on the Washougal River. The location is quite spectacular and the property lends itself to interesting possibilities.

It has two completely separate Master Suites with private entrances, plus there are various rooms to tuck to a futon, and a heated 200 square foot bonus room. It’s currently used as an artistic space for creation.

This zen location would be a lovely spot to host small, private weddings, and the newlyweds can stay and honeymoon in their own riverside nirvana. The backdrop includes the magical Lalolu waterfall. We can think of few other spots more beautiful.

The thoughtful layout of the home provides views from most of the rooms, a glass enclosed deck ensures unobstructed enjoyment of nature. If it rains, a stunning and vibrant Solarium Great Room has a propane fireplace to ride out the weather in cozy style.

This waterfront retreat is located about 30 minutes from the Safeway store in Washougal. It sits on an acre + and is gated and fence for security and privacy. Regardless of the reason for wanting a private waterfront retreat – investment or pure pleasure, this one is worth a look.

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One advantage of living in Camas, WA is how many places offer amazing views of the area. The geological evolution of heat, ice and floods over eons formed dramatic promontories overlooking deep canyons, creating panoramic vistas from many points. The surrounding areas also morphed into peaks and hillsides, so you don’t have to be perched right on the edge of the Gorge to have views.

Views don’t always have to be spectacular to be satisfying. Sometimes, it just takes the right amount of property with a territorial or pastoral to provide Elbow Room for the Soul.

If this is what you look for in a home, you are in luck – there are many choices for View Homes – most with acreage, or large lots.  Also, a variety of luxury View Homes are available in varying price ranges in Camas beginning in the mid 500’s.

Here is a brief overview of the market for View Homes in Camas:

31 Active from $395,000 to $3,290,000 (the one featured here)
Avg SQFT: 4547 Avg List $/SQFT: $245

11 Pending from $214,000 to $999,500
Avg SQFT: 2605 Avg $/SQFT: $176

24 Sold from $245,900 to $938,000
Avg SQFT: 2891 Avg Sold $/SQFT: $167

If you want a View Home, with Nature as Neighbors, contact us. This area is for you.

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We love the work of this artist. His designs delight us on all levels. The company is called Fantasywire and it’s located in England. We may have to add one of his wire sculptures to our yard.

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With the heat spell upon us, it is comforting to know we are surrounded by so many places where water is easily accessible in nature. Whether you just want to wade in a shallow stream, or plunge into a deep pool, you have many choices for cooling off outdoors.  The big challenge is – with all the choices – deciding where to go.

The biggest natural water feature in the area is, of course, the Columbia River, and the options are unlimited if you have a boat. Some areas are off-limits due to access or strong currents. But if you want to lie on a beach and wade in relatively calm water, Captain William Clark Park is a good start.  Two reservable picnic areas are available for up to 50 people each.  Otherwise, free picnic tables are available throughout the area on a first-come basis.

Lacamas Lake and Round Lake are extremely popular during hot weather.  Each offers hiking trails around swimming areas accessible from the shore. Sweetwater SUP is a local company that currently offers kayak and paddle board rentals on Lacamas Lake.  The best part of paddle boarding on a hot day is you don’t really mind falling in!  If you’re willing to take a short hike on the Lacamas Creek Trail, “The Potholes” are deep pools formed by waterfalls on Lacamas Creek.

The Washougal River is another swimmable body, depending on where you jump in. Starting up at Dougan Falls, you can find kayaking and swimming spots if you get there early – it is a popular site on a hot day. Heading south, there are a number of public areas along the river where swimming is allowed. Be careful of rapids and swift currents – even if the air is hot, the water can still be cold and induce hypothermia.  But as the summer progresses, the water starts to heat up, and the risk subsides.

Of course, the ideal place to go swimming on a hot day is your own private waterfront retreat.   So even when the temperatures reach the upper 90s, we are grateful that we live in an area with “water, water everywhere”!


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It’s the season for living lakeside, or riverside, in Clark County. Water makes summer so much more enjoyable too. Imagine hosting the season’s most celebrated events at your place. People love to raft and swim on hot days – your house will be the one everyone wants to visit!

In Clark County, there are several areas to live on, or near, a lake, but due to seasonal algal blooms, they aren’t always safe for swimming. That’s why we’re big fans of the Lewis and Washougal Rivers. Both provide year round beauty and recreation.

We think a great option for sale at this time is a gorgeous 2351 square feet one-level home on the Washougal River. While it does have a Washougal address, the home is actually in Skamania County, between the Fish Hatchery and Dougan Falls.


And what a spot it is for waterfront living! Not only does the home open up to stunning river views, there is also a waterfall – it adds up to a pretty magical setting amid towering fir trees.

The private acreage is fenced and winding paths through the filtered sunlight opens to various gardens. The owners have put a lot of money, and love, into the various plantings. Color blooms from Spring to Fall.

If you want to visit this amazing home, before it’s too late. Call us today.

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With Memorial Day launching the unofficial start of summer, it’s a good day to kick-start your family activities for the season. In addition to summer camp and trips to the beach, there are many local areas and activities to keep in mind.

This Saturday, June 4, is National Trails Day, an annual celebration of trail activities across the country: hiking, biking, paddling, horseback riding, trail running, and bird watching and more. Several locations in the area are hosting events – the City of Ridgefield celebrates with the Big Paddle – an interpretive tour by canoe, kayak, or even paddleboard along Lake River to the confluence of the Columbia River. Registration for the tour is required, but there are other free activities along the waterfront.

But you don’t have to wait until Saturday to get outdoors.  This area offers many close-by opportunities for hiking, biking, kayaking, or just strolling along the beach to throw a stick for your dog. Some of our favorites include:

Cape Horn, a rigorous hike along the Gorge that offers amazing panoramic views of the Columbia River and Gorge.  Head East on WA State Route 14 to signs at milepost 26.4.

Sunset Falls Park, along the East Fork of the Lewis River.  Kayak along the East Fork, take an easy hike to the falls, or spend the night camping.

Lacamas Heritage Trail is a relatively easy, but extremely scenic hiking/biking path along Lacamas Lake. Parking at either end – off Goodwin Road, or Lake Rd near the Lacamas Lake Lodge.

Captain William Clark Park is a very popular picnicking and swimming area along the Columbia River in Washougal.  Cottonwood Beach can get a little crowded on holidays, but a short hike East around Cottonwood Point offers more privacy.

However you decide to launch your summer activities, Clark County offers many opportunities for views of Nature as Neighbors.

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It’s hard to believe it’s May 2016 already. Memorial Day is tomorrow, but today we’ll be hosting a picnic for family and friends who refused to go camping on this busy three-day weekend. We hope most people will take a moment to remember the why of this important holiday.

It’s a bittersweet time of the year as we honor our late nephew Gene Mills who died, at the age of 21, in Afghanistan on June 22, 2012. It’s still hard to fathom.  His younger brother Jake, who followed in his footsteps, is also a proud Marine. He’s at Camp Lejeune right now.

We have yet another Marine nephew who just returned from South Korea to his base in Honolulu. We know he too is safe this weekend. We are proud of these young men, but often dream of a world where our military is no longer needed. We can dream, can’t we?

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This is it. The home you’ve been waiting for – a private retreat with Washougal River frontage. Located well above the flood-plain, you’ll have the the luxury of enjoying this lifestyle, without the worries. The home itself is a one-level with two very private master suites, each with their own entry. A glass and wood filled solarium Great Room is the center of this vibrant space.

This waterfront property would be perfect for an artist, author, or any other occupation that lends itself to working from home. There are views from most all of the interior rooms and the connection to nature gives one the feeling of serenity, yet creative energy abounds. The Washougal River and Lalolu Falls are ever-changing which provides for delightful surprises.

Waterfront homes are a commodity in our area, and we think this one is is a true gem. The one-level floor plan, 200 sq foot heated shop, fenced acreage dotted with firs and gardens, and of course the river and waterfall view makes it a true destination worthy place to live. It’s located about 25 minutes to the Safeway store in Washougal ( Between the Fish Hatchery and Dougan Falls).  Call us today for your private tour.

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Special, unique, one-of-a-kind, destination worthy. Do these words appeal to you? Schedule your private tour today. Located about 25 minutes from the Safeway store in Washougal.

Welcome to ViewHomes of Clark County. Recent Sales: RMLS Data from the last 3 months indicates a final Sales to List price of 97.26%. The most expensive sale reported was for a 50 acre retreat in the Columbia River Gorge area. The nearly 6,000 sq ft home opens to sweeping views of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River, and valley.

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