Nature As Neighbors - Wild Alaska Live!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

At Nature As Neighbors, our love of nature and wildlife is a big part of our lives – and real estate business. Therefore, we’re very excited ( and proud) for the upcoming BBC/PBS show, Wild Alaska Live. The show is hosted by the well known Kratt Brothers and Steve Backshall. It airs live on PBS and BBC o to over 3 billion viewers worldwide on July 23, 26, and 30.  Juneau’s iconic Mendenhall Glacier was chosen as the centerpiece for the production. The best part, our son, Sean Janes, and several of his staff members at Above and Beyond Alaska, are running safety and support for the project. We’re hoping they might even get some camera time.

Imagine the logistics of hosting a live show from a wilderness location. They can’t use the standard, loud generators out of concerns for the local wildlife. Plus they are using special chew-proof cables on the many cameras placed throughout the area in hopes of capturing wildlife photos. If you love nature, wildlife, Alaska, and adventure in general, be sure to look for it on your local PBS schedule.

These are some of the pre-production shots Sean shared with us yesterday. We thought it was amazing that he was texting photos from the bottom of a hole in the Mendenhall Glacier. Isn’t technology grand?

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