Nature As Neighbors - A Time for Trilliums

Thursday, April 6, 2017

We were both thrilled to see Trilliums again poking through the green moss and ferns along the Lacamas Heritage Trail in Camas. It’s our favorite local trail and we often take our Golden Retriever, McKinley, there for exercise. Truthfully, it’s for our exercise needs too. The trail winds through woods, and open spaces offer glimpses of Lacamas Lake, Lacamas Creek, and in certain spots, Mt. Hood. Favorable scenery adds to the enjoyment of our workout.

Seasons bring different forms of beauty to the trail, but lately, an onslaught of rainy weather and unseasonably cold temperatures has kept it somewhat bleak, and muddy. This week, a few days of sunny weather has helped, not only is the trail drying out, but the Spring wildflowers are starting to pop. Nature’s gifts often stop us in our tracks and this week was no exception. Bernie and Mac waited patiently while I dug my iPhone out of my pocket to snap a few photos of the delicate rhizome, Trillium ovatum ( western trilllum).

Trillums are easily disturbed, and sadly, picking them will retard the plants ability to bloom. Children too, are enchanted by them and often can’t resist picking numerous blooms to surprise mom. Therefore, many public parks and trails in our area have warnings posted to leave the trilliums alone. It’s the only way to ensure their ability to bring beauty back to the forest floor year after year. In the wild, they grow in open to dense forests in moist low to mid-level elevations, and many times they are found in areas that are boggy in early spring.

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