MultiGen Homes in Camas Washington

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Multigen Homes in Camas

MultiGen Homes in Camas Washington

Are you one of many families searching for a multigenerational home in Camas, Washington? We know it’s not always easy to find an exact match for your specific wants and needs. We know first-hand. In fact, our home multigenerational home in Camas required some post-purchase modifications to make it work for us.

For example, we transformed a wet bar downstairs into a full kitchen, and upgraded a bonus room into a bedroom with the addition of closet space. Required egress, with windows and an exterior door, leading to a garden patio, were already in place.

We’ve been living a multigenerational lifestyle since 2006.  In that time, we’ve learned so much about the process of transitioning into shared housing. The obvious benefit of shared expenses is a well-known perk. And so is sharing life with people you love.

Naturally, there are also plenty of adjustments. We think it’s important to make sure everyone gets the privacy they need – and their own space.  Speaking of space, we specialize in rural properties having exterior natural space – something we both greatly appreciate. It’s especially appealing when the acreage is surrounded by serene and pleasing views.


MultiGenHomes in Camas Washington

Currently, there are 11 homes classified as “dual living” for sale in Camas ranging from $469,900 to more than $3.5 million.  Bu there might be others that could be converted into multigen with the right modifications. So, we are also quite proficient at finding other homes not listed as dual living that might fit your needs.

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