Multi-Gen Housing in Clark County, WA - Tips from Our Family to Yours ( Pt 2)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Our multi-generational family is nearing the one-year mark of living together. Three couples sharing one structure has been quite the adventure. Compromise, patience, and a good sense of humor all come in handy.

We’re fortunate that our large home lends itself to separate living. My sister and her husband have the entire lower level with a completely private entrance. We live on the upper level, and mom and dad are currently using a section of our home with their own sitting room, bedroom and bathroom. The backyard modular cottage is a bit behind schedule (another story for another time), but we expect they will be moving into their own place this Fall.

We shared some of our advice with you last week, and as promised, this is part two of the important tips we’ve discovered help make life easier when you’re “together again.”

Be Flexible!
Life changes, and so will your living situation. For example, mom and dad have been downstairs, and are now upstairs, due to a delay in their home building process. It’s important to keep in mind the responsibilities of aging parents too. When one of the us has a busy schedule, or is out-of-town, the other couple picks up the majority of care and keeps the house-hold running smoothly.

Respect Differences
I’m sure mom and dad would do a few things differently than my husband and me, and my sister and her husband. We try to accept help and advice when offered. However, our parents are very respectful of our lifestyles, and don’t try to push their will onto any of us. Likewise, we give our parents their privacy and to give them the space they need for their own traditions of living life.

We decided to live together to share in the care of our aging parents. Our number one priority is their comfort and health – both mentally and physically. Dad has Dementia so it can create some stress at times, especially for mom. Remembering why we chose to share our lives keeps us focused on what’s important.

A Connection to Nature
Our property offers us a very strong connection to nature. We think its soothing and serene environment helps us all stay grounded. With over an acre of land, there is always a private spot to soak in the sights and sounds. We often sit in chairs on the deck and watch the fir trees sway in the wind, or count the stars sparkling bright in the night sky.

Have Fun Together
Some of our favorite days are when we share the outdoor chores of taking care of our acreage. Gardening is less of a chore when you have someone to share it with, so is chopping wood, or any household maintenance requirement. It’s fun to have a cold beverage at the end of the day as we sit in satisfaction around the outdoor fire pit.

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but judging from recent reports, it’s popularity continues to grow. We can honestly say, it’s working for us. The precious moments we share today will give us a the wonderful memories for tomorrow.  If we can help you find a Multi-generational home in Clark County, or offer you some first-hand lifestyle experience, contact us today.

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