MultiGen & Dual Living Homes for Sale in Clark County

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

MultiGen - Dual Living HomesMultiGen – Dual Living Homes.  Many of our clients are going through the transition to multi-generational housing. They want more room for elder parents, or adult children with their own families. We have multi-gen experience, so we know the challenges and satisfaction that can bring to a family. But we also know how challenging it can be to find suitable dual living homes in the area.

We’ve discovered that privacy is the ultimate luxury. Add the component of having nature as neighbors, and the soothing environment goes a long way to create an enjoyable, comfortable lifestyle.

Search Options for Multi-Gen Homes

Our firm, ViewHomes™, grew out of our passion for nature, beautiful surroundings, and peaceful environments. Starting out in urban environments, we gravitated over the years towards areas with smaller populations and less density. Now we enjoy our lifestyle in a rural environment, but with close proximity to metropolitan areas.  And we know you would enjoy it too.  Especially where you will have open space and privacy for the whole family. But close to the amenities of restaurants, shopping, and an easy drive to an international airport.

Considering a multi-gen – dual living home? Or considering a home with extra living quarters for a rental? You can find the right home for you in Clark County*. We focus on family estates, view homes, homes on acreage, and dual living homes. This website provides direct links to the types of properties you want – in all different price ranges. It can be cumbersome to sort through properties to find dual living options – so we’ve made it easy for you.

As the only real estate pros in Clark County with multi-gen experience, we know what to look for. We and created custom property searches on our web site. It helps our sellers get their homes sold quickly – and help buyers save time in finding suitable homes.

Feel free to explore these searches below. And take your time – we’ll be here for you when you’re ready to buy or sell.

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Under $550,000
$550,000 – $750,000
$750,000 – $1 Million
Over $1 Million

Be sure to check back often, as we update the inventory daily.

*Be aware that some cities have specific restrictions on dual living situations, so consult with us on your plans.