Mt. St. Helens - An Iconic Landmark and More in Clark County,WA

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mt. St. Helens is a familiar and iconic landmark to those us of who live in Clark County, Washington. Our family spent many summer hours fishing and camping at Spirit Lake. We even got to meet the local folk-hero, Harry Truman,  who refused to leave his home despite repeated warnings. He died, along with 56 others, when the volcano erupted on May 18, 1980.

A once richly beautiful recreation was transformed, in mere moments, to a vast, gray landscape of broken trees, searing lava flows, and ash. Now, 36 years later the area is once again rich in beauty. Animals and plant life have returned in abundance. The rebirth reminding us of the power of Mother Nature and the cycles of life.

The mountains distinct, rounded dome is often snow covered this time of year. It won’t be long though, before the Spring wildflowers burst forth bringing us another busy recreation season. Hikers, horseback riders, boaters, fishermen and campers will return in droves. Tourists will pack the Johnston Observation center to watch films about the volcano’s famous eruption.

There are various ways to get to the mountain, but many of us who live in Clark County access it via Interstate Five NB and take either the Woodland, or the LaCenter Exit. On a clear day, we can see the mountain from a number of viewpoints throughout Clark County. If you’re looking for an adventure offering “Elbow Room for the Soul,”™ you’ll find it here.

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