Manning Up in the Kitchen - Changing the way we Talk Turkey

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


With more homes becoming multi-generational households, we’re seeing more men taking on (or at least sharing) the task of cooking. Men in the kitchen is definitely a growing trend. Credit popular TV shoes such as Top Chef, Chopped, and the notoriety of famous male chefs who frequent The Food Network. Bobby Flay, Michael Chiarello, Robert Irvine, and Guy Fieri are portrayed as masculine and adventurous, and yes they happen to cook well too.


Regardless of the reason, more and more men are getting comfortable with a role in the kitchen. A consultant for the Food Republic, a website for male chefs, is celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. Samuelsson says, “The kitchen is the new garage. The cool gadgets and tools are now in the kitchen.”


A first for Butterball – Manning Up for their turkey hotline

This trend isn’t lost on one of the country’s biggest poultry producers. Butterball’s Turkey Hotline had been staffed with women operators for 32 years, before a change in 2013. The female operators offered advice on how to handle the often overwhelming tasks of turkey making during the holidays.

For the first time ever, in 2013, Butterball added male operators to their popular Turkey Talk Line. According to the company, when the talk line started in 1980, only 9% of the calls were from men. But now, it’s one in four.

Manning Up the Home Buying Process.

Those of us who sell homes should pay attention. With more families joining forces to live together, it would be outdated thinking to assuming a male buyer is only interested in the garage. The kitchen has become just as important to men and women. We recently helps a family buy a multi-gen home in Livingston Mountain.  And what was the first remodeling job for the man of the household?  A complete re-make of the kitchen – complete with moving walls, opening ceilings, and all new high-end appliances. 

If chef Samuelsson is right, and the kitchen is the new garage for men, both builders and Realtors would be wise to take note. If manning up in the kitchen continues as a growing trend – it may well change the face of homes and home-buying preferences.

It’s certainly changed the way we Talk Turkey. these days!
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