Mac Moments - Friends Make Everything More Fun

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Our white Golden Retriever, McKinley, aka Mac, is a treasured family member. He’s the essence of pure love and joy. You’ll find him tagging along on many of our video adventures in Clark County – and beyond. We also have a special series of short videos called “Mac Moments.”  You’ll find him doing ordinary things dogs, the way dogs do, with zest and uninhibited wild abandon. We also find gentle reminders from him about living a joy-filled life.

We now live in a multi-generational ViewHome on acreage with three couples. My husband and me, my sister and her husband, and our parents. Mac has discovered the best part about this shared lifestyle is having a dog-cousin to exercise with on his daily romps. He and Gibbs frequently visit one another’s doors to let their people know it’s time to play.

We also got another message. Recently, the two younger couples joined a fitness facility. We’ve all discovered it’s a lot more fun to exercise with friends. Thanks Mac and Gibbs.

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