Live Versus Artificial Christmas Trees - The Green Choice

Friday, December 2, 2016

Live Trees May be Your Best Choice

The topic of Live versus Artificial Christmas trees came up recently, actually at our Thanksgiving dinner table. Our guests know our love of Nature As Neighbors and assumed we too pull our tree out of a box each year. However, that’s not the case.

Many people assume they are helping the planet when they purchase a tree that can be used for a number of years, instead of cutting down a carbon-sipping evergreen. The green balance is actually tipped in favor of live trees because of how most are grown today – at Christmas Tree Farms.

Teddy Roosevelt once banned Christmas trees in the White House due to his commitment to conservation. At that time, most trees were cut in nearby forests. Today, most of our live Christmas trees are grown as crops and harvested on farms. Still, in recent years, sales of live trees have declined as artificial trees have become the norm.

If you want to help the planet, you’ll nix those fake trees, 80% of which are shipped from China, giving them a huge carbon footprint. Most plastic trees are also made from harmful products including petroleum, PVC, and even lead. What a carcinogenic cocktail! They have an average lifespan of 6 years, and are slated to sit in landfills for years and years.

The Wilderness Society claims that Christmas tree farms help mitigate climate change. Apparently, the soil absorbs around 10 times the carbon as the actual wood. The farms also provide clean air as well as habitat for wildlife. Plus, they are beautiful and relaxing to look at and explore. Naturally, you should try to harvest your tree from a nearby farm, rather than traveling miles from home.

The Northwest Leads in Christmas Tree Production

Our neighboring state, Oregon leads the pack in Christmas tree production selling 6.4 million trees annually. Washington ties with Pennsylvania and sells 2.3 million trees each year. The Pacific Northwest is the world’s largest producer of Douglas-fir, but is also known for its Noble and  Grand fir as well as several varieties of pine and less well-known species.

Many of our clients are also sensitive to the environment, that’s why they choose ViewHomes of Clark County – with Nature As Neighbors, as their lifestyle choice.  They too will likely visit one of Clark County’s 350 acres of planted tree farms in the upcoming days. It’s important to support our local growers to help ensure their future longevity.

Cheers to all who have discovered, currently, live Christmas trees represent the best choice for the health of our planet. Tis the season to be green.


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