Lacamas Heritage Trail - One of Our Favorites!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Lacamas Heritage trail is well-loved by my family. My husband and I are frequent visitors along with our white Golden Retriever, McKinley. When my out-of-town children come to visit they too use the trail for walks with their children, or for running. 

This weekend, we all noticed the signs of fall, including the sweet smell of damp leaves and the sounds of small creeks, streams, and waterfalls are once again filled with water. Mushrooms have popped up, seemingly overnight, in the moist earth beneath the heavy canopy of trees. Snowberry and Red Elderberry bushes dot the landscape with bright cheer.

Mud-puddles create obstacles, to run around, or run through. “Mac, aka McKinley,”  always chooses the latter course.  The path is spotted with fallen leaves and drops of water from overhead branches occasionally drip down in a surprising splash. Geese often honk in the sky above, circling to land on the glassy surface of the lake. 

Going the Distance at Lacamas Heritage Trail

You can do a 7-mile roundtrip on the Lacamas Heritage Trail, or turn around at any spot along the way for a shorter outing. Distance markers help to keep tabs on your stamina. The path is mostly dirt and gravel, making it knee-friendly for those of us who prefer not to pound the pavement.  It’s also wide enough for strollers, and you’ll frequently see young moms and dads out for a run while pushing junior. 

You can park at either trailhead and there are restrooms for your convience. When the weather is good, you can expect to hunt for a place to park, especially at the NE Goodwin Road entrance. You will probably have better luck at the trailhead lot off of Lake Road. However, as the weather turns cool and rainy, you’ll normally have plenty of spots to park. 

One of our Fall traditions is to run the trail on Thanksgiving morning. It’s a festive outing and makes it easier to say yes to that pumpkin pie or eggnog. Regardless of when or why, you should definitely plan to walk or run along the Lacamas Heritage Trail during the months of Autumn. 

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