Lacamas Heritage Trail - Camas Washington

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

One of our favorite trails in the Camas area is Lacamas Heritage Trail. The path is lined with towering evergreens, deciduous trees, and plenty of underbrush as it winds its way along Lacamas Creek and Lacamas Lake. The views are ever-changing too, depending upon the time of day, weather, or the season.

It’s a great trail for spotting wildlife. We’ve seen everything from deer to bobcats, geese, and great blue heron. The sightings add to the enjoyable experience of connecting with Nature. And by now, we all know how beneficial it is to take some time outdoors to soak up soothing views. It’s good for what ails you. 

We tend to use to the trail for exercise, therefore, we either run or walk it at a face pace. Our white Golden Retriever, Mac is usually with us too. There are doggy bag dispensers at both ends of the trail head, so there’s no excuse to leave any dog doo behind for someone else to discover. Rude!

Spring is an especially lovely time to be on the Lacamas Heritage Trail. Colorful wildflowers spring forth from the moss and ferns growing in the dappled sunlight under the canopy of the old growth forest. Berries and blossoms dot shrubs and vines creating food and habitat for birds. Small streams and waterfalls bubble happily, full from seasonal rains.

In the Fall, an annual cleanup ensures that the lake stays free of litter. Each year, the water level is lowered dramatically to allow for dam maintenance. That’s when volunteers converge to take advantage of the ability to get to exposed sections of lake bottom for picking up debris. There’s even a contest with prizes for the most unusual, and the most litter hauled out of the lake.

We hit the trail year round, admittedly not as often during the winter months. Although, we’ve sure enjoyed some beautiful walks after a fresh snowfall. In the summer months, we try to go early in the day, before the heat. It’s fun to see the early morning water activity; we often spot people water skiing, SUP boarding, kayaking, and fishermen hoping for a bite.

We’re lucky to be able to access the trail within a short drive from our home. It’s just one more reason we love calling the Camas area home.




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