Just Desserts - What's Your State's Sweet Treat?

Friday, March 31, 2017

A multitude of headline teases pop up daily on my MSN home page, normally most are ignored. Yesterday, however, one caught my eye and curiosity, The Most Iconic Dessert From Every State. Logic tells me Washington State, where I live, would likely have something featuring apples. Would neighboring state Oregon have something made with filberts? Indulging myself further, I  wondered if Baked Alaska would be the signature dessert of my original home state of Alaska.

Only one of my guesses was correct, Washington’s featured dessert is an Apple Crisp. Oregon’s is a Pear Cake and Alaska’s is Wild Ligonberry jam on a buttermilk biscuit. Baked Alaska was actually invented by a chef in New York to honor the state’s purchase from Russia in 1867. Alaskans enjoy picking wild berries and treasure their berry patches,  often keeping them top-secret.

As for Washington, the choice is obvious. We’re known for our sweet apples and lead the nation in Apple production, growing nearly two thirds of all apples in the country. While Oregon is also known for apple production, the pear ranks as the top-selling fruit crop in the state. Although, I wasn’t completely wrong on that guess, as the article suggests adding filberts (another treat associated with Oregon) to the Pear cake recipe.

Other state treats that caught my eye include:

California – Frozen Yogurt – California leads the nation with 189 establishments offering the frozen dessert. And, with a body-con population, froyo wins out over ice cream.

Colorado – Yogurt with Granola Parfait – It’s a nod to the state’s dairy farming and their health-conscious culture.

New Hampshire – Pumpkin Pie – Apparently the pumpkin is listed as the state’s official fruit. Add some maple syrup for bonus points – it’s another New Hampshire top export.

If you’re wondering about a particular state, here’s a link to the complete list.

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