Home Sales in Ridgefield

Monday, September 14, 2020

Home Sales in Ridgefield. Market Report for September 2020.

Ridgefield is the second-fastest growing city in Washington state. Once known for sprawling farms and open space, new home construction is on the rise. This provides many with affordable housing, yet, environmental guidelines and land use regulation still make it a desirable place to live.

While close to many city amenities like shopping and restaurants, Ridgefield also offers many outdoor activities. For one, the National Wildlife Refuge, serves as a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. Literally, in Ridgefield’s back yard, you can hike in the refuge, or tour via kayak along a 21-mile water trail between downtown and the Columbia River. Or, if you prefer, you can experience the Reserve by an audio-guided drive-through.

Points of Interest

Point of Interest: The Cathlapotle Plankhouse is a replica of the cedar homes used by indigenous Chinook population. Built by more than 100 volunteers over a period of two years, the Plankhouse based on findings from the archaeological site and other historical references. And one of our favorite events associated with the refuge is BirdFest and Bluegrass – a celebration of nature and music welcoming migratory birds back to their winter home.

Looking for a home in Ridgefield? It helps if you know the market:

Home Sales in Ridgefield – Market Report for Single Family Homes over $350,000:

Homes sales in Ridgefield

With Days on Market at only 21, homes in Ridgefield sell quickly! Construction of affordable homes offers many opportunities for anyone interested in a new home. Local amenities like shopping, services, and easy access to nature make it a very desirable place to live. So, it’s no wonder it has been discovered by many out-of staters who want to relocate to the Pacific Northwest.

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