Here’s to More Fritluftsliv! Friluftsliv (Free-loofts-leev) is a Scandinavian concept which best translates to “fresh air life.” Basically, it’s enjoying life outdoors. In fact, in Norway kindergartens are, for the most part, held outdoors. As the children are told…

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!” (There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.) 

Outdoors in Winter

Outdoor activity is so ingrained into their culture that many Scandinavian countries have laws allowing people to access all land for outdoor pleasure and recreation – both private and public.

The Pacific Northwest Offers More Fritluftsliv!

An article in the Seattle Times explores this Scandinavian philosophy as we approach the oft wet and dark, Pacific Northwest winter. This year especially, with health concerns about indoor gatherings, it makes sense to turn our attention to the outside.

For example, today,  we met with our daughter and two grandchildren at a public park. We wore masks, as did she. The children, both under four years of age, played and road their bikes around the trails as we walked. Large tree branches danced in the wind, and Finnegan chased dry leaves as they skittered across the pathways.

It’s not an ideal weather day, so we dressed warmly to cope with the gusty, and cold, east wind.  Fortunately, we have plenty of outdoor gear. Warm down jackets, vests, boots, hats, and of course, rain gear. We’ll have many more of these days in the coming months.

We think it’s important to get outdoors frequently, even if it’s a solitary walk with the dog. Exercise and being outside in nature comes with bonuses such as warding off depression and anxiety.  And this year, it represents a safer way to connect with folks we love.

Here’s to more fritluftsliv!  Let us know if you want more tips on how to enjoy nature at home.

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