Getting Hygge With It - It's Time for Cozy!

Friday, February 18, 2022

Getting Hygge With It – It’s Time for Cozy!


The word Hygge is often mispronounced. For example, many think it’s pronounced, higgy – rhymes with jiggy. That’s not correct. It’s actually a  Danish word pronounced as, hoo-gah, or hue gah.

Candles, warmth and cozy

Regardless of how you say it, we both embrace the concept. The word is loosely described as cozy contentment. The Danes say it’s the art of fostering well-being through intimate connections to nature and others. Wow, that sounds perfectly lovely to us.

“Hygge” – The Art of Cozy Winter Living

At first glance, winter hygge might appear to be the creation of indoor spaces suitable for hibernating. However, that’s not necessarily the case. While creating pleasing and relaxing indoor rooms is quite hygge, the true concept is more about fostering an atmosphere to nurture relationships.

A group of friends playing a game around a roaring fire is very hygge-like. However, curling up with a good book in a cozy corner is also a hygge move. Any activity that allows us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and paying attention to what makes us feel alive and open-hearted is representative of the mindset.

Hygge is quite similar to mindfulness with more of a focus on sensual pleasures. Engaging our senses to absorb joy in the moment such as smelling a rose, cherishing the feel of silk or cashmere on your skin, and relishing the warmth of a roaring fire are good examples.

As with most good things, advertisers jumped on the trend and tend to over-used the hygge label to sell everything from sweaters to home furnishings. Ad nauseam, and It’s too bad, as the concept on its own is sound and worth considering.

It’s also worth noting the Danes have one of the highest happiness indexes in the world, despite their cold and dark winters.

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