Fourth of July 2018 - This Year, It's for the Birds!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The triplets are growing.  ( Only two cooperated for the photo.) Our resident nest of Dark-eyed Juncos has kept us (well, more me) busy in the past week and a half – nervously watching. The nest hangs in a flower basket right outside one of our bedroom windows. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to keep a check on them while their mom is out finding food. Bernie calls me the surrogate mom – neurotic, but well-meaning. I think he’s right. One day, I failed to see either of the parent birds come to the nest and was certain a cat, or something, must have gotten them. I worried throughout the night that they’d be cold without mom sitting on the nest. In fact, I had planned to call the local bird folks to ask for advice.  However, the next morning, mom and dad were both there, taking turns feeding the babies.

Today, I’m worried about tonight’s fireworks activity. Since we live in a rural area of Camas, many of the independent folks who live nearby enjoy the privilege of being able to shoot off fireworks.  Some we hear and see, are likely not legal in our state. It’s one of those things that’s tough to monitor. It will start up early this evening and continue until about 2AM.  At any rate, I know loud noises are often used to scare off unwanted birds who feast on crops. So, I can’t help but wonder if it will frighten our little family. I’m concerned the parent birds might flee in fear, or that the noise might startle the triplets and cause them to leap out of the nest too soon.

What’s a human bird mother supposed to do? To top it off, today is also our anniversary. We are normally both big fans of this patriotic day, but I can’t help but wish it wasn’t happening until a few weeks from now, when my baby birds have left the nest.

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