Feeding Hummingbirds in Cold Weather

Monday, November 2, 2020

Feeding Hummingbirds in Cold Weather

We have native, year-round Anna’s hummingbirds living in the woods at our rural home in Camas, Washington. For several winters, we have used a heated feeder to make sure the tiny birds have a reliable source of nectar when the temperatures drop. Otherwise, the nectar freezes and the birds can’t drink. But this year, the feeder is leaking.  So, we decided to explore other options.


Feeding Hummingbirds in Cold Weather


Hummingbird Warmer to the Rescue!

The one that caught our eye is called the Hummingbird Heinie Warmer.  Admittedly, it’s a bit of a curiosity during the day, but as the daylight fades, it comes to life and gets prettier and prettier. The string of C7 lights give off enough heat to prevent the nectar from freezing, and give cold birds a perch to warm their heinie. You might think the the extra chains holding the bowl of lights might scare them.

The little guys are not deterred at all.  If anything, the new lights seem to attract them just as much.  And just as in the summer, they are already territorial over “their” new-found feeding station.


Feeding Hummingbirds in Cold Weather


Feeding hummingbirds in cold weather – it’s easy!

Since, it’s November, we chose fall colored bulbs for the 25 light string. For December, we’ll switch it up for Christmas. After December, we’ll likely use clear lights until we take it down in Spring.  We think it’s festive and fun, and so far, seems to do the trick. When the snow flies, we’ll do an update and let you know how the birds are using it. We’re hoping to see them perched on the bowl riding out the worst of our winter storms in toasty comfort.

Want to know more about feeding hummingbirds in winter?  Just contact us.

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