Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022Earth Day 2022 – Invest In Our Planet

If there was such thing as a winner in the last two years’ shutdowns, it had to be Mother Earth. Air and waterways became cleaner while many wild animals reemerged from deep cover. Lower levels of manufacturing and fewer cars on the road allowed the earth to literally take a breather.  NASA satellite and ground-based observations reported significant reductions in global air pollution over this time period.

Just two years of reduced human activity show how much our actions affect the Earth. So on Earth Day 2022 it’s fitting the theme is “Invest In Our Planet.”  As we move back into our daily routines, it makes sense to reflect on this past year and continue to promote environmental protection. If you want to find an event near your home, go to EarthDay.Org – the official Earth Day site for a list of events.

Restoration is One Answer

This Earth Day theme also builds upon the emerging concept of restoration. For example, instead of accepting climate change as inevitable, restoration offers pragmatism coupled with hope.

Governments are turning to natural processes such as reforestation and soil conservation.  Innovative thinking and green technologies are restoring the world’s ecosystem and forests – and creating renewable jobs.  Large corporations are vowing to be carbon neutral within the next decade. These are all significant developments that will help Invest In Our Planet.

What We Can Do Ourselves

But waiting for institutions to act can take time. As individuals, we each play a critical role in the effort to Invest In Our Planet. There are plenty of actions we can take today that, collectively, add up to major impacts:

  • Reducing our consumption of plastic containers is a start.  Now that reusable shopping bags are allowed again, it will be a good habit to renew. Likewise, using our own containers instead of buying single-use water bottles is a big one.
  • Thoughtful recycling still has a major impact on the Earth’s recovery. Making sure items are clean and properly sorted helps the whole process.  Composting kitchen scraps is fairly easy and can improve your garden (or container) soil. Overall, we can do a lot to reduce waste in landfills and the oceans.
  • Reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizer on lawns can help eliminate the toxic runoff that affects water quality.  Using safe, organic sprays helps protect pollinators so critical to healthy plant and food growth.
  • Go to the interactive Earth Day Interactive Map to find an event in your state.

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