Don't Call us Seniors! The Changing Face of Babyboomers - Like Us!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

We sell ViewHomes™ and multigenerational homes in Clark County, WA. They are properties located on larger parcels which provide more privacy. A majority of our clients are baby boomers. They are looking for a home that gives them plenty of room for visiting ( or live-in) family members and a place to relax. They recognize the important and rejuvenating qualities of living with soothing views amidst natural settings.

We too are baby-boomers, it’s likely no coincidence that we also live in a Viewhome™ and a Multi-generational home at that. We mirror many of our clients in that we have a great respect for the environment, and recognize the importance of good health habits, such as eating organic foods and getting regular exercise. We really don’t consider ourselves old. In fact, there is no way we’d ever call ourselves Senior Citizens. Would you?

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