Country Life is for the Dogs!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Country Life is for the Dogs!

Country Living is For The Dogs

Country living is for the dogs! And we mean that, literally.  Plenty of space to exercise and fresh air is a good combination – for people and dogs.  Plus, generally, it’s quieter in rural settings which means a more peaceful lifestyle. Less stressors. 

Our two white Golden retrievers are lucky to have their own dog park – right here at home. One of the first things we did after moving to our rural home in Camas, Washington, was to fence about half the property.  Boy, are we grateful too, as it keeps our two young pups safe. And, it keeps area wildlife from becoming a different kind of nuisance. 

To date, they have not been skunked, and other than barking at a passing deer, or a nocturnal  visit from a raccoon, we’ve been very lucky. 

Dogs Still Find Trouble in the Country

They do manage to stir up trouble digging holes, eating mud, chewing sticks, and gnawing on pinecones and rocks. What one doesn’t think about doing, the other does. Naturally, that’s why we still monitor outside time carefully. To date, they just can’t be trusted on their own.



Fortunately, running around the yard and soaking up nature is good for all us, four-legs, or two-legs. They get us out in all kinds of weather too. Rain or shine, even sleet and snow, there’s not day off with dogs. They nap frequently from all the exercise, but wake up ready for more. 

They keep us moving indoors too. What they bring in the from yard –  pine needles, dirt, and debris creates a messy mixture with their long white fur. Therefore, our vacuum is frequently put to work, and there’s generally a load of dog towels washing or ready to be folded. 

At the end of the day, we all take a moment to appreciate the beauty of a darkening country sky, while the dogs dream of another day to play.

Want to start your country life with the dogs?  Call us today.