Words of Nature – How We Love Thee!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air – literally. One of our favorite words that comes to mind is, psithurism. It describes the soft sound of wind whispering in the leaves of trees. We love nature, so it’s appropriate to share this word. And, if you say it soft and low, it tends to mimic the sound. 

Here’s a similar one. Susurrous this lovely word describes the general sounds of whispered rustling. And, quite poetic in our book. 

Words of Nature – How We Love Thee!

We always enjoy finding seldom-used words suitable for describing the natural world.  For example, apricity comes from the Latin word apricus which means, “having lots of sunshine, or warmed by the sun.” So, apricity means the warmth of the winter sun. And most of us have likely experienced this glorious feeling on brilliantly clear winter days.  

Another fun word to try to use in a sentence this Spring is frondescence. Basically, it refers to the condition or period when a tree or plant unfolds its leaves or petals. Here’s an example:  “As expected, frondescence of the petals is frequently accompanied by other changes in other parts of the flower.” 

Special Rainy Climate Words

The next two words are perfect for those of us who live in rainy climates. Ombrophilous means “rain-loving,” while ombrophobous means rain-shunning. Both words come from the Greek ombros – “rain shower.” Philous comes from philos, “loving,” while the phobous in rain-shunning comes from phobos, meaning “fear and panic.”

We love words! If you do too, here’s an article we stumbled upon about nature writer, Robert Macfarlane. It highlights his fantastic collection of words for the wild world called, Landmarks. Also, the book is revered by many as a field guide to the literature of nature. It’s filled with beautiful and meditative words used in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to describe land, nature, and weather. 

Finally, here’s one of Robert Macfarlane’s words that we often experience at our home in rural Camas, Washington. On the east side of our property, as the sunrise gains momentum, we enjoy the promising sight of shivelight illuminating the forest floor. It’s always a peaceful reminder of another new and wondrous day to celebrate the gifts of nature. 

Imagine, living in a home where you are greeted in the morning with shivelight – the lancing sun rays that pierce through the canopy of woods.

Words for Nature

Want to learn how? We specialize in rural properties. Contact us.

Or start your search for a home in nature here.

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Waterfront Homes for Sale Waterfront Homes Report. 

Clark County, WA is uniquely located in an area with exceptional bodies of water.  From the Lewis River up north, wild Washougal to the east, and the grand Columbia River to the south and west, we are surrounded by water!  Clark County offers many opportunities for waterfront recreation – boating, fishing and swimming to name a few.  And living on the water is the ultimate lifestyle for anyone who loves these activities.

Waterfront Homes Are in High Demand

 As the weather starts to warm up, buyers are thinking about homes on waterfront.  Especially here in the Pacific Northwest, where much of our lifestyle revolves around the outdoors.  With so many activities on water – boating, kayaking, rafting, or just relaxing along a river – waterfront homes are always in demand.  Right now there are a limited number of properties right on the water, and overall inventory is at an all-time low.  This bodes well for sellers, who can expect a very busy spring selling season, and prices that have skyrocketed in recent months.

Buying or Selling Waterfront Requires Expertise

While there are many opportunities to own a home on waterfront, this is a specialized market. The challenges of regulations, year-round market demand, and a small inventory all require unique knowledge and experience. Regulations designed to protection our watersheds restrict the development of shoreline properties with tight footprints, setbacks, and mitigation requirements. Even creeks are regulated in certain protected watersheds, so this can cause frustration for anyone trying to build or expand a house along a natural waterway.

Whether you are looking for, or want to sell, waterfront property, you should work with a broker who has experience in this specialized market. Someone who knows how to achieve that perfect outcome for you.   So, if you are just thinking about buying or selling a home on the water, it helps to know the current status of waterfront home sales:


Waterfront Homes for Sale

It’s clear that, with only 8 days on the market as the median, waterfront properties sell quickly.

Have a home on the water you want to sell? Call us – We specialize in selling homes with “Nature As Neighbors.” Looking for waterfront property? Start your search here. If you don’t see a residence you like, ask us about land for sale along waterfront.  There can be challenges and regulations, but we have a lot of experience with waterfront property and can help guide you.

Rural Homes on Acreage for Sale in Camas


Market Report Waterfront 02.2020

We’re such fans of rural living, we made the move ourselves in 2015, happily leaving the suburbs behind. The ability to enjoy soothing views and elbow room for the soul has been especially comforting in 2020. Our veggie garden and fruit trees were lovingly tended all summer long, and it paid off with a bountiful harvest this fall. Anyone in need of zucchini? Talk about an overachiever.

The stars shine brighter in the country too. The farther you get away from light pollution, the clearer the constellations sparkle. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have all been showing off all month in the night sky. Venus is best spotted when the planet shines its brightest – just before dawn. We’re hoping for clear skies on Halloween night as there is going to be a rare Blue Moon appearance. Apparently, it only happens once every 19 years.

Admittedly, living in a rural location in Camas requires a different mindset. You aren’t likely to be within five minutes to a nearby grocery store. In fact, it might be 30 minutes, or more, away. At least to a large store. Though many of our rural areas do have smaller markets which are closer. For example, we often shop at the Fern Prairie Market. Naturally, the price of convenience is higher, and we understand why.

Rural living brings out the independent streak in some people. They choose to live away from populated areas to enjoy the freedom to shoot guns and fireworks, ride motocross bikes, work on cars in the front yard, and basically live life their own way. Most are considerate, some are not. It’s something worth considering if you are sensitive to any of the aforementioned behavior.

If you do have concerns, we know neighborhoods where residents have acreage and privacy, but also have CC&Rs (Covenants, conditions, and restrictions) to ensure a quiet, rural lifestyle experience for all residents. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

Search here for Homes on acreage in Camas, Washington. Or, better yet, let us set up a custom search geared specifically to your wants and needs.

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Here’s to More Fritluftsliv! Friluftsliv (Free-loofts-leev) is a Scandinavian concept which best translates to “fresh air life.” Basically, it’s enjoying life outdoors. In fact, in Norway kindergartens are, for the most part, held outdoors. As the children are told…

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær!” (There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.) 

Outdoors in Winter

Outdoor activity is so ingrained into their culture that many Scandinavian countries have laws allowing people to access all land for outdoor pleasure and recreation – both private and public.

The Pacific Northwest Offers More Fritluftsliv!

An article in the Seattle Times explores this Scandinavian philosophy as we approach the oft wet and dark, Pacific Northwest winter. This year especially, with health concerns about indoor gatherings, it makes sense to turn our attention to the outside.

For example, today,  we met with our daughter and two grandchildren at a public park. We wore masks, as did she. The children, both under four years of age, played and road their bikes around the trails as we walked. Large tree branches danced in the wind, and Finnegan chased dry leaves as they skittered across the pathways.

It’s not an ideal weather day, so we dressed warmly to cope with the gusty, and cold, east wind.  Fortunately, we have plenty of outdoor gear. Warm down jackets, vests, boots, hats, and of course, rain gear. We’ll have many more of these days in the coming months.

We think it’s important to get outdoors frequently, even if it’s a solitary walk with the dog. Exercise and being outside in nature comes with bonuses such as warding off depression and anxiety.  And this year, it represents a safer way to connect with folks we love.

Here’s to more fritluftsliv!  Let us know if you want more tips on how to enjoy nature at home.

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The Summit at Autumn Hills – View Homes in Camas, Washington 

Summit at Autumn Hills, Camas WA

The Summit at Autumn Hills – View Homes in Camas, Washington. Livingston Mountain in Camas, WA is a lovely neighborhood. Residents live in custom homes sited on large lots, five acre parcels to be exact. Many of the properties have sweeping views of the valley, mountains, and Portland city lights.

Towering pines and alder create an ideal environment for frequent wildlife visits. Residents claim to have more sunny days than lowlanders, and, if you’re a fan of a white Christmas, there’s a better chance of that happening here too.

Trails wrap through the neighborhood and are managed by the neighborhood HOA, home owners association  You’ll often see neighbors out and about on the community trails marked for horseback riding and/or hiking.

Speaking of the HOA, there are CCRs ( Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions ), as well as, easements for The Summit at Autumn Hills. We advise all of our buyer clients to read through them carefully prior to making any purchase.

Great Location

Children who live in The Summit attend highly-rated Camas Schools. Many shops and services are only about 20-25 minutes away. However, Fern Prairie Market is only about 15 minutes aways and is a good spot for grocery items, plus gas and propane.

Currently, there are no homes listed for sale in The Summit at Autumn Hills. But, we’d be happy to set up a customized search for you. Plus, we’ll put out our feelers to see if we can flush out any coming-soon properties.

Two properties have sold in recent months. One built in 1996 for $705,000. And another, for $1.38-million. The latter pricing reflects beautiful updates, a 400 sq ft apartment unit, and a 5200 sq foot shop  with an office, gym, and a theatre room with kitchen, bath, and deck.

The Summit at Autumn Hills offers a true Nature As Neighbors lifestyle. No wonder we are big fans.

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Waterfront Property

Homes Along the Columbia

Waterfront Home Sales Report. Whether it’s a river, bay, creek or pond, waterfront homes have a built-in natural asset many buyers want. Some people only think of waterfront homes during warm months. But, there are many buyers who recognize their value during winter months. Waterfront properties can be a great source of reflection and solace during fall and winter seasons. Plus, there are fewer competing buyers!  As the report below shows, sales were brisk during the first part of the year.  Plus, the overall inventory of homes on the market is currently at an all time low.  This bodes well for sellers, who can expect a very busy spring selling season.

Buying or Selling Homes on Waterfront

Clark County offers many opportunities for waterfront living. But the challenges of regulations, market demand, and a small inventory (especially during the winter) have made this a limited, and specialized market. Regulations designed to protection our watersheds restrict the development of shoreline properties with tight footprints, setbacks, and mitigation requirements. Even creeks are regulated in certain protected watersheds, so this can cause frustration for anyone trying to build or expand a house along a natural waterway.

Whether you are looking for, or want to sell, waterfront property, you should work with a broker who has experience in this specialized market and knows how to achieve that perfect outcome for you.

Waterfront Home Sales Report – Homes starting at $350,000.

Waterfront Properties


It’s clear that, with only 10 days on the market as the median, waterfront properties sell quickly. 

Have a home on the water you want to sell? Call us – We specialize in selling homes with “Nature As Neighbors.”

Looking for waterfront property? Start your search here.

If you don’t see a residence you like, ask us about land for sale along waterfront.  There can be challenges and regulations, but we have a lot of experience in this area and can help guide you.

We are pleased to be the only resource in Clark County with a specific search for multi-generational properties. It will help our sellers get their homes sold more quickly – and help buyers save time in identifying possible homes. Feel free to explore – and take your time – we don’t force anyone to register. We’re confident you’ll want to call us when it’s time to buy or se

ADUs in Clark Coiunty
ADUs in Clark County Since we specialize in multigen homes, we often receive requests for information about Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Clark County, WA. ADUs are a desirable alternative for multigen living, provided you know the guidelines in your local area. Recently a rural homeowner on 5 acres asked about the ADU regulations in her area. So, let’s review the current status of ADUs in Clark County.

ADUs Are Legal, But…

The basic rule is, ADUs are legal in both urban and rural areas. But the allowable buildings are different. If you are in city limits, you are allowed – within certain guidelines – to add a separate structure up to 800 SQFT. It could ]be larger if incorporated into an existing structure.* In rural properties, separate ADU structures are simply not allowed.

Rules for Rural ADUs

For purposes of this article, we will concentrate on rural properties. County guidelines say any residential home on at least one acre can add an ADU. But it must be within or attached to an existing residential structure. This usually means upgrading a basement, attached garage, or adding to the current structure. Again, as long as it is attached. There is just no provision for adding a separate ADU structure, no matter how large the property.

Multigen Families Like ADUs

Most multigen families want privacy and separate living areas so they’re not stumbling over each other. The ideal solution for that is to convert an existing daylight basement with separate entrance, as we did with our home. The other alternative is to expand the existing house with an attached structure – often, a simple breezeway or deck will be sufficient to pass code. These are issues you should review with your local permit department. Having said that, we have seen homeowners who had built separate structures called “studios” or “offices”.  They have a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchenette sink with counters. This is allowed, and will be permitted, but it cannot have a stove. So, many homeowners will build the studio, get the permits, then after the inspection install a stove.  We are not condoning this, of course, but county officials acknowledge this is a common practice in rural areas.

First Things First

If you are considering a rural ADU, the first issue is whether the existing septic system and well can support an additional bedroom or two. The state’s chart shows accepted guidelines for septic sizing:
You will need to check with your local Health Department to see if your current system will support an ADU. Their analysis will include not just the tank size, but also the capacity of the drain field. If neither is sufficient, you will need to expand the current system, or install a separate system. Some homeowners decide to “decommission” a bedroom, and assign it to the new ADU. This is tricky because, though legal, could present problems at resale or for appraisers down the road. Also, if you decide to build a “studio” without a stove, you will not be able to consider it an ADU for resale purposes. If you have any questions about ADUs and guidelines for building, feel free to give us a call. * Be aware that The City of Camas has a restriction that the main house needs to remain owner-occupied at least 6 months out of the year and at no time may the owner charge rent for the main living area. Plus, you may have to install a fire sprinkler system.
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Camas Homes Sales Camas home sales remain strong in August of 2019. And, it’s no wonder. Charming Camas is capturing the attention of relocation buyers – singles, couples, and families. Surrounded by nature, but also close to city amenities and services all without the traffic jams! You can find rural homes, bungalows in downtown Camas, homes on lakes, rivers, and ponds, homes in gated neighborhoods, homes with views. So, ask for it, we’ve probably got it. Plus, the Camas Schools district is highly rated and families appreciate knowing their children attend award-winning schools. This historic town – located right on the Columbia River – is always hopping with fun and activities. And the Downtown Camas Association knows the importance of visitors in keeping shops and services in business.  So, here are a few of the events to look forward to in the coming months.

Coming Events in Camas, WA

2019 Camas Vintage Art Faire – August 24th Plein Air and Art  – September 6th Camas Girls’ Night Out 2019 – September 26th October First Friday- Pumpkin Pageant 2019 – October 4th Boo Bash Trick or Treat 2019 – October 23rd November First Friday 2019 – Thankful for Pie! – November 1st Holiday Sip and Shop 2019 – November 14th Although there are many new homes coming on the market, older homes tend to have larger lots and more room for a growing family, live-in relatives, or visiting friends. Some are even suited for multigen households with separate living quarters. Likewise, you are more likely to have space for that garden or just a quiet place with privacy. Homes in Camas offer you opportunities to spend more time doing things you love, connect with nature, and live a lifestyle that helps rejuvenate your soul. Add a view, and you can have a wonderful home with “Nature as Neighbors” and “Elbow room for the Soul.” Looking for a home in Camas, it helps to know the market.

Camas Home Sales – August Market Report:

55 Active Listings – $425,000 to $2,399,900 Average SQFT – 4,372 Average $/SQFT – $237 14 Pending – $425,000 to $989,900 Average SQFT- 2,984 Average $/SQFT – $219 37 Sold in last 3 Mos – $405,000 to $1,350,000 Average SQFT – 3,361 Average $/SQFT – $212 Median Days on Market was 35 days.  Homes in Camas do not last long!  (Note: Report is for view homes priced $400,000 and above, and averages do not include a spectacular $13,500,000 55-acre lake-side property on Leadbetter.) If you are a buyer interested in a home in Camas, give us a call. Or start your own search here.
July MultiGen Home Sales for Clark County WA. We specialize in multigenerational home sales – two or more generations living under one roof. These are not typical family units of parent(s) raising their children. In fact, “multigen” is where adult family members decide to move back in together. Often, this is to care for the elderly, or share in child-rearing responsibilities. Our multigen homes are often located on acreage or large lots. They have “elbow room for the soul”, which provides lots of room and privacy.

Find MultiGen Homes for Sale

Since we live in a multigen household, we know how to find multigen homes for sale with separate living quarters. We often find home that are not set up with separate quarters – our was like that. But you can upgrade to accommodate family members. We have the experience of upgrading, so we often identify those homes suitable for modifications for a multigen family. With this information about multigen home, it’s also important to know the market. So, here is a brief Market Report for Multigen Homes in Clark County WA:
137 Active from $350,000 to $4,200,000 Average SQFT – 3,646 Average $/SQFT – $250 58 Pending from $364,900 to $959,900 Average SQFT – 3,154 Average $/SQFT – $191 69 Sold in last 3 Months from $357,680 to $1,685,000 Average SQFT – 3,547 Average $/SQFT – $178
Median Days on Market was 43 days – down a bit from 44 days in June.  Multigen homes don’t stay on the market very long!  (Note: Report is for homes priced $350,000 and above, and does not include a spectacular $12,000,000 165-acre multigen property in Woodland, WA) Multigen Buyers: If you are looking for a home for multigen living, you should check out this Multigen home with permitted ADU. Multigen Sellers: Call us for a free consultation on your home’s value. We are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel


Kitchen Remodel

Life is busy at our Multi-Gen house with the kitchen remodel update in full swing. Right now, it’s chaos central. Naturally, the biggest headache is trying to cook and clean up. But a Weber grill with a side burner is getting a lot of use. And a utility sink in the garage works well for washing pots, pans, and dishes.


My sis and her husband, who live on another level of our home, offered to let us use their kitchen. But, honestly, carrying things up and down the stairs would just add to the workload. Plus, it would be pretty crowded with all of us cooking different meals – especially at the same time.


Mom, who lives with us, is a good sport about the remodel and is getting used to the “glamping” aspect of the ordeal. Her morning oatmeal is made in the microwave and we try make sure we still have her favorite foods around. It requires thought, prep, and planning. So far, so good.

What’s up with the Blazers?


Plus, mom is a big Portland Trail Blazers fan and has been pretty distracted with her job as their number one cheerleader.  She’s even been wearing her team jersey to her Silver Sneakers classes – we’re sorry they’ve lost the last 3 games, but we also respect and admire the Golden State Warriors.  May the best team win.


Patience is a virtue.


Back to the kitchen. Hopefully in a few days, we’ll be able to test out the new double ovens. However, installing the new gas stove, the farmhouse sink, and the dishwasher will have to wait until the counter tops are in place. Since the counter fabricators are booked until May 30th, it will be at least a month before we get our new quartz counters.


We’ve been warned, remodeling is an endeavor in patience, and it certainly is. , but we know the end result will be worth the hassles. Tonight, we’re taking a break and having take-out. Woohoo! Happy Sunday.


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Kitchen Remodeling Overload – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Want to learn more about multigen households and surviving a remodel?  Contact us, we’ll offer some tips.

Multigen Home Sales

Multigenerational Homes Are An Evolving Market

Multigenerational home sales are an evolving niche in the real estate market. This is true in Clark County WA as well. “Multigen” is where two or more generations decide to move back in together. There are many advantages, financial and emotional. Often elderly parents move in with their adult children. This is much more desirable than a nursing home, or an independent living facility, which can be very costly. Sometimes grandparents are capable of share in child-rearing responsibilities. Everyone benefits from this arrangement. Since we live in a multigen household, we specialize in finding and selling those types of homes. Our multigen homes are located on acreage or large lots. They have “elbow room for the soul”, which provides lots of room & privacy. According to the most recent 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, 1 in 5 homes in the U.S. are now multigen. Because of this trend, multigen homes will continue to be popular. Likewise, it is a good way to address caring for the elderly in a rapidly aging population.

Work With Multigenerational Home Sales Experts

Working with multigen clients can pose some challenges. In spite of the demand for multigen homes, separate living quarters are not a common feature. So you often end up finding homes that are not quite set up with separate quarters, but could be. Here, it takes some some ingenuity to imagine how a home can accommodate all family members. From our own experience of upgrading an existing home to multigen, we can identify those homes best suited for modifications. If your family is considering a multigen home, it’s important to know the market. Here is a brief Market Report for Multigen Homes in Clark County WA: 102 Active Listings – $415,000 to $4,200,000 Average SQFT – 4,036 Average $/SQFT – $229 48 Pending – $449,000 to $1,445,000 Average SQFT- 3,681 Average $/SQFT – $183 46 Sold in last 3 Mos – $427,000 to $2,400,000 Average SQFT – 3,874 Average $/SQFT – $196 Median Days on Market was 57 days – up from 44 days in April.  But with limited inventory, multigen homes don’t stay on the market very long!  (Note: Report is for homes priced $400,000 and above, and does not include a spectacular $12,000,000 165-acre multigen property in Woodland, WA)

Interested in multigenerational home sales?

Multigen Buyers: If you are looking for a home for multigen living, you can start your search here. Multigen Sellers: Call us for a free market analysis of your home’s value. We are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!

What can we learn from Nature? Everything!

It turns out, we are surrounded by brilliantly-designed inventions that can teach us a lot. Biomimicry is the science that studies nature’s inventions to inspire innovations for our daily lives. In short, old ideas are new ideas – and they are just waiting to be discovered. Plus, mimicking nature helps identify sustainable solutions that are compatible with our planet.

Natural resource scientist Janine Benyus is a huge proponent who says biomimicry is a new way of inventing. “[W]e live in a competent universe, we are part of a brilliant planet, and we are surrounded by genius. The core idea is that life’s been on Earth 3.8 billion years and that’s a lot of R&D.”

What Can We Learn From Nature?

Stories of Inventions Discovered Through Biomimicry

  • Swiss Electrical Engineer George de Mestral goes on a walk with his dog, who often returns with burs stuck to his coat. Curious, the scientist takes a closer look under a microscope, and sees hundreds of “hooks” that latch onto things. But they also release without breaking. He uses this discovery to invent Velcro.

biomimicry learning from natureNature Inspires Great Inventions

  • Japan is developing a high-speed train, but it has a major problem. The super velocity creates a vacuum in tunnels. This not only slows the train, but also emits a loud “sonic boom” when it exits. So a design engineer (who happens to be a bird watcher) studies the kingfisher. This speedy hunter sneaks up on his prey by entering water with very little splash. The scientist analyzes the bird’s face and applies its beak design to the front of the train. This not only eliminates the noise, but also improves speed and fuel efficiency.
  • Scientists studying humpback whales notice how the bumps on its flippers prevent drag while the whale is diving at a steep angle. They adapt this design to wind turbine blades, which greatly improves efficiency. It also helps develop high-speed aircraft wings that are not as susceptible to stalling.
  • Every year, millions of birds fly into windows. This is not just upsetting to homeowners – it creates costly clean-up for owners of high rise buildings. Scientists studying the problem happen upon the common spider web. They inlay “invisible” lines into the glass. Unseen to human eyes, the embedded lines reflect ultraviolet light visible to birds, preventing accidents.

And The List Goes On…

So, what can we learn from nature?  Just about everything!  Biomimicry is not just a “feel good” activity – it is a real discipline based on eons of awe-inspiring nature. The Biomimicry Institute, for example, is introducing its scientific curriculum to K-12, universities, and other educational institutions. Their goal is to create a new generation of innovators who use nature as a guide to invention. And commerce is paying attention. From agriculture to transportation, the movement is helping corporations design innovations that are both earth-friendly and profitable.

Our connection to nature is profound. Many studies indicate that when we are nature deprived, our health suffers. It’s one of the big reasons we love marketing properties in soothing environments – ViewHomes™! We think home should be a place where you relax, rejuvenate, and feed your soul. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

View Homes of Clark County – The Mighty Columbia River

The Columbia River is recognized as one of the greatest natural assets of this area. It is called the “Mighty” Columbia because it empties an average of 192 million acre-feet into the Pacific Ocean each year. This immense water mass carves natural canyons and gorges in its path. Steep hillsides and vantage points offer many opportunities for stunning views. Owning a home with a view of the Columbia River is a unique living experience. Likewise, it will typically command a higher resale value when you sell. We receive requests all the time from buyers who dream of having a ViewHome™ with river views. So it’s always a pleasure to help them find the right match. If you are looking for Columbia River views in East County, that’s in Camas or Washougal.

Market Report for Homes With Columbia River Views:

28 Active from $489,500 to $4,200,000 Average SQFT 4,158 Average $/SQFT $214 16 Pending from $434,995 to $1,195,000 Average SQFT 3,394 Average $/SQFT $207 19 Sold in past 3 months from $410,000 to $1,850,000 Average SQFT 4,088 Average $/SQFT $173 Median Days on Market: 54 days – homes with Columbia River views don’t last long! 

Looking for a home with Columbia River Views, or own a home with a view of the Columbia you want to sell?  We specialize in finding and selling view homes of Clark County with “Nature As Neighbors.”

Kitchen Remodeling – Cabinets

We are in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel. Oh my goodness. Talk about decisions. The first decision we had to make was a big one. Do we reface, paint, or replace our cabinets? It turns out refacing or repainting is a good option if you love the current layout, have good quality cabinets, and want to avoid the pain of having your kitchen torn-up for weeks, instead of days.

Ours will be replaced. We both like the clean look of shaker style, and also want to add some lighted display cabinets above the upper cabinets. Fortunately, we have plenty of room thanks to vaulted ceilings. There are other cabinet decisions too. For example, adding pull-out shelves and other organizers to make accessing things easier.  Thankfully, those decisions are done, and right now, we are trying to be patient waiting for bids.

The hardware has also been chosen for the cabinets. Designers say you can mix metals, but generally only two. Since our kitchen is part of a great room floor plan, oiled bronze is already in play. The farm sink we both like is quartz, in truffle. Therefore, the faucet we have chosen is from Newport Brass, in antique nickel Happily, we found knobs and pulls we like that pair well with the selections. 

Kitchen Remodeling – Countertops

Countertops proved to be the most fun. We both love marble, but feel the care and upkeep doesn’t match our lifestyle. We both love to cook, and we, honestly, get a little messy at time. Our counters often see spills of olive oils, tomato sauce and red wine. Since marble is porous…it needs to be sealed frequently to protect it from deep stains. Neither of us wants high maintenance.

Like the rest of the world, we are so over granite. We first considered quartzsite. It too is a natural stone, but it also requires regular sealing.   Fortunately, we both remembered a former kitchen with quartz countertops. The quartz was beautiful, and gave us the carefree ease of cooking which we both prefer. No panic when something spills! 

We settled on Silestone quartz and a marble look-alike called Eternal Calacatta Gold.  Like most on-screen visuals, you don’t see the true colors, or depth, on-line. When we saw it in person, we knew it was “the one.” It will give us the look we’re going for, without the hassles. It’s stain resistant, maintenance free, durable, food safe, and cleans up with a little soap and water. It comes with a lifetime guarantee too.

Kitchen Remodeling – Backsplash Choices, Oh My

One of the goals of our remodel is to create a timeless kitchen that will withstand the years. We also favor a light, bright, and clean, fresh, but inviting, feel to the space. Subway tile is often one of the first choices for remodel goals such as ours. What delighted both of us was learning about all the different choices in subway tile. Not just colors, but in design options.

This is where we are still wavering in our decisions. Bernie likes a traditional ceramic subway tile, perhaps with a grout to compliment the darker accent paint of our large kitchen island. I’m swooning over a Clé zellige tile in weathered white. It looks like it comes from a European farmhouse. As you can see from the photo above, the irregular tiles and color variations add up to pure charm. At least to me, not so for Bernie.

Chances are, we’ll decide on something in between. A little less gloss, perhaps something like this one, also from Clé. It’s a classic subway tile, but the bevel gives it a little more interest. Although, there may be hope yet for my choice.  This morning, Bernie asked to see photos of zellige tile backsplashes again. Stay tuned…there’s more to come as this adventure unfolds.

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The Value of a 3-car Garage

Many of our ViewHomes of Clark County buyers prefer a home with a 3-bay garage. The reasons vary, but the bottom line is needed space. And as the photo shows, the single car garage in Barbie’s Dream House ( a gift for my granddaughter’s upcoming 4th birthday) is already full.

One parked puppy, and suddenly there’s no room for Barbie’s signature pink convertible. Not to mention her SUV, or Ken’s motorcycle. Barbie is an active woman too. Where will she store her camping gear, skis, bikes, jet-ski, and scuba equipment?

Why a 3-Car Garage – Let us Count the Whys

Here are some of the most common reasons we hear from buyers seeking a 3-car garage. And, what we see in garages when previewing ViewHomes™ prior to listing.

Better fit for Larger Cars and SUVs

A third car

Lawn Mowers, pressure washers, etc.

Boats of all kind


Bikes and other sporting gear

Hobby space




Storage space

Bar and pool table

Potting shed – gardening space

Raising Puppies!

We completely understand the added value of a home with a 3-bay garage. The cost difference when purchasing a home with a 2 car and 3 car garage will vary, but generally speaking, it can a lot of value. For example, in Camas, Washington, a home with a 3-car garage sells for about 8% more than one with a 2-car garage.

In our opinion, the added value is also about preferences and perceptions. Given the current preference for having 3 bays, it makes sense to have a home with the amenities that are most desirable. CC&Rs ( Covenants, conditions, and restrictions), or zoning restrictions might prohibit building a shed, or another type of outbuilding for extra storage space.

Keep in mind though, if the first impression of the house is garage-centric, the curb appeal can be greatly reduced – and perhaps, the value. Oh look, it’s a garage with a house attached! We’ve all seen them.

In more rural areas, where homes tend to be older, many properties have decent sized 2-car garages, with various outbuildings. Zoning often makes it possible to add sheds, RV garages, shops, and barns to make up for any loss associated with the lack of a 3rd bay.

If you’re interested in listing your home with a 3-car garage in Clark County, we know how to price it fairly, and  market it to the right demographic. Buyers, we know where to find the view homes with 3 car-garages, and other options to suit your specific needs.  Call us today, we’d love to help.


Begin your search here for homes with 3-car garages in Camas.

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Multigen Homes with Nature as Neighbors

Our firm specializes in view homes on acreage with “elbow room for the soul”. It is no coincidence that many of those homes are also well-suited for multigenerational living.

Sometimes they come with separate living quarters, sometimes they need to be modified. We live in a multigen home, so we get it!  We know how to find homes suited for this lifestyle.

Here is the ViewHomes™ Market Report for homes suitable for MultiGen living:

Market Report for ViewHomes™ With MultiGen Features

87 Active Listings – $400,000 to $4,200,000
Average SQFT – 4,314
Average $/SQFT – $222

36 Pending – $409,900 to $2,200,000
Average SQFT- 3,488
Average $/SQFT – $194

67 Sold in last 3 Mos – $407,290 to $2,430,750
Average SQFT – 3,390
Average $/SQFT – $189

(Note: Report is for homes priced at $400,000 and above, and does not include a spectacular $12,000,000 165-acre multigen property in Woodland, WA!)

Median Days on Market was 62 days – multigen homes don’t stay on the market very long! 

If you are looking for a home for multigen living, you can start your search here.

If you have a home that has multigen features and you want to sell, call us – we are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!

ViewHomes™ in Felida, WA with Nature as Neighbors

Felida is a town in Clark County, WA that lies northwest of downtown Vancouver along the Columbia River.  Many of the homes in Felida feature views of Vancouver Lake,The Columbia River, Salmon Creek, or peaceful territorial vistas. Here’s a Featured Listing of a home with soothing views of the Salmon Creek Greenway. The trail lines a scenic natural preserve along meandering streams and wetlands. It offers runners, walkers, and bicyclists sightings of deer, rabbits, raccoons and all types of migratory birds.

Market summary of ViewHomes™ in Felida:

34 Active Listings – $429,500 to $1,580,000
Average SQFT – 3,702
Average $/SQFT – $198

9 Pending – $400,000 to $975,000
Average SQFT – 3,186
Average $/SQFT – $193

23 Sold in last 3 Mos – $410,000 to $1,550,000
Average SQFT – 3,067
Average $/SQFT – $196

Median Days on Market was 43 days – homes in Felida do not last long!

If you are thinking about selling your home in Felida, contact us for a free market analysis of your home’s value.
If you are interested in buying a home in Felida, you can start your search here.

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Sick of the frenetic pace of the world? We’ve got just the spot for you. This five-acre creekside parcel offers you a private and soothing retreat – and an opportunity. The sellers have well over a million dollars invested in the property, currently offered at $785,000.   

The 2 bedroom, 1207 SQ. FT.  Carriage House is well appointed and the perfect spot to call home until the nearly 6,000 SQ.FT.  Main House is completed.

Exceptional materials and thoughtful architectural design create luxurious living surrounded by nature. Walls of glass create a seamless environment bringing the beauty of the outdoors, inside.

The finished Carriage House reflects the vision for both structures. Custom casement Jen-Weld windows, locally handcrafted doors and woodwork, and other thoughtful choices, such as recycled glass countertops are natural choices for this setting.

The architect and custom builder, both local, are highly regarded and plans and renderings are available to buyers with serious interest and purchasing ability.

A private neighborhood easement for nearby Washougal River gives residents access to an abundance of recreation.  Anglers will enjoy some of the best salmon fishing in Washington state – plus everyone can enjoy the other adventures such as white-water rafting, tubing, and of course, swimming.

Call us today for a private tour, and discover the rejuvenating benefits of a ViewHome™ with Nature As Neighbors.

New Pricing and Open House

We’re having an Open House this weekend, Saturday from 12 – 3PM at this great home located at 14909 NW 56th Avenue, Vancouver WA. It’s located in the gorgeous Reserve at Ashley Ridge neighborhood and is sited on a large lot overlooking the green space above Lake River.

A newly adjusted price of $680,000 makes his property a very attractive option in this highly desirable area. The 3550 square foot home features one-level living, but a large loft bonus room gives you extra space for hobbies, or for use as a media room.   It was finished in 2017, and shows like-new.

The Reserve at Ashley Ridge

The neighborhood is a perfect blend of outdoor activities and convenience.  You have easy access to recreation and nature, but easy access to shops and services too. Portland and Portland International Airport are both about 20 minutes away.

A popular spot for exercise and family fun is the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail and Klineline Pond. Photographers too highly enjoy the Salmon Creek Greenway for the all of the nature and wildlife photo opportunities. Children who live in The Reserve attend the highly rated Felida School District.

Be sure to take a quick video tour of the neighborhood lifestyle.

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We are both fans of The Reserve at Ashley Ridge in Felida. Felida is known for its natural open spaces, luxurious neighborhoods, ViewHomes™, desirable schools, and access to recreation. It’s only about a twenty minute commute to both Portland International Airport and downtown Portland.


Our latest ViewHome listing is located in The Reserve at Ashley Ridge. This gated neighborhood has a kayak trail for residents to use for access to Lake River. Lake River is an eleven mile tributary of the Columbia River and offers great wildlife viewing. Portions of the waterway border the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. 


The seller has been relocated for work and is disappointed he hasn’t had more time to enjoy the home. It was completed last July, and since he travels a lot, the house is virtually new. Large windows open up to serene views of the valley, and while the lot is .25 acres, with neighbors on each side, the house feels quite private.


The home at 14909 NW 56th Avenue is 3533 square feet and features main-level living. An upstairs bonus room was custom finished to support the weight of a regulation pool table.  Skylights add wonderful light to the large and open space. Want to see more? Contact us today for a private tour. We think it’s priced perfectly at $699,900.


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 The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size. – Gertrude S. Wister


Spring has been a big tease in Clark County, Washington this year. Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised by afternoon sunshine and temps in the upper 60’s. It was glorious. Today, we have heavy rain and a wind warning in effect through tomorrow. Yippee.


However, we are celebrating spring with every new bloom that opens at our rural home in Camas. Last week, we were thrilled to see our favorite woodland flowers, the Trilliums beginning to bloom. This week, it’s the lovely heart-shaped dainty blooms of Bleeding Hearts.


They look wonderful in naturalized gardens and require moist soil with sun-dappled shade.  If in the right spot, they can easily take over a garden, so feel free to share new plants with fellow gardeners.  Or, consider donating healthy plants to local plant sales where proceeds go for a good cause.


Deer will bypass this woodland plant too – a big plus when you live in rural settings. Butterflies and hummingbirds like them though – another big plus! Gardening with natives, or plants that thrive in a particular climate, is one of the best ways to work in harmony with nature.



Native plants are not only adapted to environmental conditions, they are naturally resistant to pests and diseases. Therefore, they require less maintenance and have additional storm-water and wildlife advantages. While this particular Bleeding Heart is not a true native ( Western Bleeding Heart), it is well-suited to our local conditions and thrives.

Happy Saturday. May flowers bloom along your paths today.

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You’re hearing the call of the wild, longing for the peace and quiet of a home in a rural, country, or natural setting, and we don’t blame you. At ViewHomes of Clark County these types or properties are our specialty. Moving to a ViewHome with nature as neighbors is a great adventure and can be good for your mind, body, and spirit. However, it isn’t necessarily the best fit for everyone. Here are some considerations to see if you’d be a good match. 

Commute Times: If you’re required to travel to a job, the commute time is worth thinking about prior to make the move. We often tell our prospective buyers to drive the route a few times. Driving fifteen miles in the country is slower than driving fifteen miles on a major thoroughfare. The upside, the roads are often scenic and enjoyable. 

Shops and Services: If you like being close to everything, a rural home might not be the best fit. It’s not likely you’ll be able to run to the store for a quick gallon of milk, or pop-out for a quick pizza and beer at the corner pub. The upside, you learn to plan ahead – and when you do have an evening out for pizza – it’s a true treat. 


Storms often create power outages, therefore homes in rural areas often have back-up generators, or at the very least, an alternative heat source such as a wood stove. It’s one thing to go without electricity for a few hours or days, but quite another to go without heat.

Many of the rural homes in Clark County Washington are located in areas without Natural Gas lines. Therefore, if you want the convenience of a gas fireplace, or enjoy using a gas oven and/or cooking stove, you’ll need to opt for propane.

Internet and cell service isn’t always guaranteed either. If TV is a big deal for you, or internet service for working at home, it’s important to investigate the reliability of service prior to buying.

Many homes in the country have wells and septic systems. It’s important to due diligence on the condition of both when you’re looking at a property to buy. Once it’s yours – it’s important to follow the required maintenance and testing schedules. 

The upside – you have a lot more control over your life and living independently and sustainably.

Wide Open Spaces:

If you’re the one who loves to host progressive dinners or block parties, a lack of close proximity to neighbors could be a problem. Will you be happy living twenty to thirty minutes ( or more ) away from the nearest mall, restaurant, movie theater or sports field?

The upside – a sense of community. The people you do meet will be a great network for support and advice regarding the lifestyle.

Neighbors and Freedoms:

Naturally, with land comes some freedoms. There is no HOA in the country telling you where you can park your boat, or RV, or put up a trampoline. However, the same goes for your neighbors. Mutual respect for one another and the enjoyment of soothing views and landscapes should be the goal for all. Realistically, there are some situations where the neighbor may not share the same values. It’s best to scope things out before you make your move. 

Or, your potential neighbors may be far enough away that you won’t be bothered; that also means they might not be available in a true emergency or even when you need a cup of sugar.

The upside – most neighbors in the country know one another’s phone numbers and try to help each other when we can. For example, last year, our neighbor tilled our garden area with his tractor after watching my husband and I struggle with shovels for an hour.

Nature As Neighbors:

Living in the country means paying a great deal of respect to plants, wildlife and your fellow man. Depending on where you’re planning to move, be prepared to share your land—and sometimes the road— with a number of critters such as raccoons and deer, and a myriad of other creatures such as frogs, snakes, and birds.

The upside – We believe organic gardening, a sustainable lifestyle, respect for wildlife and each other – and the planet in general,  is good for all of us, regardless of where we live.

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Camas View Homes With Nature As Neighbors

Living in Camas, WA provides us with the luxury of nature as neighbors, with “elbow room for the soul”.  We all know about the rejuvenating powers of living close to nature and having privacy and space – add to that the daily pleasures of a fantastic view, and your home really becomes a retreat. An award-winning small-town lifestyle with easy access to city amenities, including close proximity to an international airport, makes Camas a very desirable area.

If you’re looking for a home with that is close to nature, but also close to city amenities, you should check out the Camas area.  Although you will see many new homes for sale, older homes tend to have larger lots and more room for a growing family, live-in relatives, or visiting friends. You’re also more likely to have space for that garden or just a quiet place with privacy. Homes in Camas offer you opportunities to spend more time with those we love, connect with nature, and live a lifestyle that helps rejuvenate our souls.

Market Report for ViewHomes™ in Camas, WA

27 Active Listings –  $400,000 to $1,687,500
Average SQFT 3,877
Average $/SQFT $210

16 Pending Listings – $485,000 to $1,350,000
Average SQFT: 4,034
Average $/SQFT $234

29 Sold in the last 3 months from  $400,000 to $1,350,000
Average SQFT 3,530
Average $/SQFT $205

Median Days on Market – 70 days.  View Homes in Camas move quickly!

If you are thinking about selling your home in Camas, call us for a free market analysis. We know this area well and know how to market your property for the best result!

If you’re looking for a home in Camas, WA, begin your Camas ViewHomes search here.

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This 1.17 acre parcel is waiting for your plans. Build a large estate, or three homes, your choice. Enjoy the views of the valley, city lights, and Columbia River,

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Welcome to a magnificent spot called McIntosh Ridge in Camas, WA. This is a .57 acre parcel with stunning views. You can live in the small cottage while you build, or perhaps use it for a guest house.

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Come take a quick video tour of this remarkable opportunity to purchase this European inspired home on nearly one acre. The nearly 6 thousand SF home has stunning views of the Columbia River, Portland hills, and at night, the city lights.

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View Homes of the Columbia River – A Natural Beauty To Behold

The Columbia River, the largest in the Pacific Northwest, is a mighty force that literally shaped the face of the region. From shipping and power generation to fishing and water sports, residents of the area have enjoyed its commercial and recreational value for centuries. The hilly topography of Southwest Washington provides many homes the opportunity for magnificent view of this expansive beauty. Located right on the river, Camas is uniquely positioned to offer panoramic views of the Columbia. From Prune Hill to Rivershore, homes with Columbia River views are particularly valued for their spectacular vistas.

We are currently marketing several properties with views of the Columbia, and it never fails to astound us every time we show them. This area is truly fortunate to have such a treasured masterpiece of nature right here to behold.

Market Report for Camas Homes with Views of the Columbia River

7 Active from $649,900 to $1,495,000
Average SQFT 3,493
Average $/SQFT $251

No Pending Sales At This Time

13 Sold in past 6 months from $412,400 to $924,900
Average SQFT 3,331
Average $/SQFT $178

Median Days on Market: 60 days. Homes with views of the Columbia River don’t last for long!

We specialize in ViewHomes of Clark County with Nature As Neighbors and elbow room for the soul. Why not experience the many healthy benefits of a connection to nature at home too? Exactly. Contact us today.

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You Can Have Nature as Neighbors in Hockinson

Lately we’ve notice a reversal of the “downsizing trend” by empty nesters several years ago.  So what happened? The biggest reason we hear now is “Room for grandkids to come and visit!”  That 1800 SqFt single-level works fine for just the two of them, but add overnight visitors, and there is too much chaos and lack of privacy – especially with kids.

Many are also looking for homes in the country to enjoy the benefits of privacy and nature, but still be close to city amenities – easy access to shopping, services, and good schools. They miss the yard space with play area for the grand kids, gardening, and private outdoor relaxation. Brush Prairie/Hockinson is a great area where we regularly find homes that meet this criteria.

Hockinson especially has all the amenities of a rural area – rolling hillsides, tracts of timber land, and large horse pastures. Yet, it is within easy driving distance of metropolitan amenities, including Portland International Airport right across the Columbia River. Combine privacy with the diversity of views, and you have a very popular area for homesites with nature as neighbors. This area is in the highly desirable Hockinson School District.

Market summary of ViewHomes™ in Hockinson:

13 Active Listings – $439,000 to $900,000
Average SQFT – 3,542
Average $/SQFT – $178

7 Pending – $550,000 to $1,550,000
Average SQFT- 3,910
Average $/SQFT – $199

15 Sold in last 3 Mos – $417,000 to $1,069,488
Average SQFT – 3,081
Average $/SQFT – $195

Median Days on Market – 42.  Homes sell quickly in Hockinson!

If you are thinking of selling your home in Hockinson, call us for a free pricing analysis.
If you are looking for a home to buy, start your search for ViewHomes™ of in Hockinson here. 

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