Mooncake Flower Farm in Camas, Washington is such a wonderful addition to the local community. And the swoon-worthy name is perfection.  Would a flower farm by any other name smell so sweet? I think not!

The story starts several years ago when one of our favorite neighbors asked me to sell her farm house on five-acres. It was a bittersweet sale. Our family hated to see her go, but we were happy for the new adventures waiting on her horizon.

However, a big question hung in the air. Who will move in, and will we be compatible? Turns out, the answer is a big and enthusiastic, yes! They are the perfect people to have living on nearby acreage. Bonus, our two white Golden Retrievers love to keep tabs on their rescue dog, Mouse, through the fences of our two parcels.

Since we are nature-lovers at heart, you’ll find no toxic chemicals used for gardening at our rural home. We think anything called Round-up is best found at the annual cowboy gathering in Pendleton, not in a potion that can impact the health of our pollinators.

Therefore, we were thrilled to discover Mooncake Flower Farm in Camas, Washington is committed to healthy, organic farming practices. Specifically, they prioritize soil health and water conservation. What a treat to have responsible stewards of the earth growing flowers next-door. Imagine we can learn a thing or two from them.

Right now, you can support their endeavors while brightening your home with artfully-arranged, weekly floral bouquets. Their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program offers several different schedule options and two price points, $100 for 4 weeks, or $200 for 8 weeks.  It’s easy to sign up at Mooncake Flower Farm’s website.

The couple behind the vision of Mooncake Flower Farm hail from the east coast. Since it’s best to get the scoop directly from the source. You can read more about Annie and Stephen, their farming philosophy, and the origin of their farm’s name, at their website Mooncake Flower Farm.

Driving up our road, it’s fun to catch glimpses of the rows of colorful flowers swaying in the breeze. The sight always brings me smiles. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Earth laughs in flowers.” My family is indeed grateful to have Mooncake Flower Farm in Camas, WA as our next-door neighbor.

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