Multigen Homes with Nature as Neighbors

We specialize in view homes on acreage or large lots with “elbow room for the soul”. This not only provides homes with plenty of privacy, but also homes that are well-suited for multigenerational living – households with different generations living together. According to the most recent 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, 1 in 5 homes in the U.S. are now multigen. This trend is likely to continue as one way to address caring for the elderly in a rapidly aging population.

Some homes come with separate living quarters, some need to be modified to provide that space. We live in a multigen home, so we know how to find homes suited for this lifestyle.

Here is the ViewHomes™ Market Report for homes suitable for multigen living:

Market Report for ViewHomes™ With MultiGen Features

76 Active Listings – $400,000 to $4,200,000
Average SQFT – 4,413
Average $/SQFT – $223

32 Pending – $409,900 to $2,495,000
Average SQFT- 3,800
Average $/SQFT – $194

62 Sold in last 3 Mos – $400,000 to $2,430,750
Average SQFT – 3,405
Average $/SQFT – $182

Median Days on Market was 44 days – down from 62 days in January.  Multigen homes don’t stay on the market very long! 

(Note: Report is for homes priced $400,000 and above, and does not include a spectacular $12,000,000 165-acre multigen property in Woodland, WA)

If you are looking for a home for multigen living, you can start your search here.

If you have a home that has multigen features and you want to sell, call us – we are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!

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The Value of a 3-car Garage

Many of our ViewHomes of Clark County buyers prefer a home with a 3-bay garage. The reasons vary, but the bottom line is needed space. And as the photo shows, the single car garage in Barbie’s Dream House ( a gift for my granddaughter’s upcoming 4th birthday) is already full.

One parked puppy, and suddenly there’s no room for Barbie’s signature pink convertible. Not to mention her SUV, or Ken’s motorcycle. Barbie is an active woman too. Where will she store her camping gear, skis, bikes, jet-ski, and scuba equipment?

Why a 3-Car Garage – Let us Count the Whys

Here are some of the most common reasons we hear from buyers seeking a 3-car garage. And, what we see in garages when previewing ViewHomes™ prior to listing.

Better fit for Larger Cars and SUVs

A third car

Lawn Mowers, pressure washers, etc.

Boats of all kind


Bikes and other sporting gear

Hobby space




Storage space

Bar and pool table

Potting shed – gardening space

Raising Puppies!

We completely understand the added value of a home with a 3-bay garage. The cost difference when purchasing a home with a 2 car and 3 car garage will vary, but generally speaking, it can a lot of value. For example, in Camas, Washington, a home with a 3-car garage sells for about 8% more than one with a 2-car garage.

In our opinion, the added value is also about preferences and perceptions. Given the current preference for having 3 bays, it makes sense to have a home with the amenities that are most desirable. CC&Rs ( Covenants, conditions, and restrictions), or zoning restrictions might prohibit building a shed, or another type of outbuilding for extra storage space.

Keep in mind though, if the first impression of the house is garage-centric, the curb appeal can be greatly reduced – and perhaps, the value. Oh look, it’s a garage with a house attached! We’ve all seen them.

In more rural areas, where homes tend to be older, many properties have decent sized 2-car garages, with various outbuildings. Zoning often makes it possible to add sheds, RV garages, shops, and barns to make up for any loss associated with the lack of a 3rd bay.

If you’re interested in listing your home with a 3-car garage in Clark County, we know how to price it fairly, and  market it to the right demographic. Buyers, we know where to find the view homes with 3 car-garages, and other options to suit your specific needs.  Call us today, we’d love to help.


Begin your search here for homes with 3-car garages in Camas.

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