COVID-19 And Real Estate in Clark County, WA

NOTE: Keep up with the latest COVID-19 restrictions affecting Real Estate by checking our COVID-19 Real Estate Guidelines.

During this unprecedented time, our clients often ask what we can and cannot do in terms of selling properties.  Originally declared a “non-essential” activity, real estate is now deemed “essential” with very important guidelines and restrictions.

Pending Listings Can Move Forward

Pending at the time of the Governor’s original order are allowed to close.  However, certain restrictions on home inspections, repairs and final walk-throughs are in place.  Most signings and closings are done electronically or remotely.

New Listings OK – With Restrictions

New listings are allowed. But, private showings are limited to no more than five people in the house at a time.  This includes the broker. Open houses are currently not allowed.

Meanwhile, prospective buyers must be pre-approved with a lender, or otherwise prove financial ability to purchase a home. Most sellers are asking buyers to view online tours and floor plans prior to requesting a tour.

Social Distancing Rules Must Be Observed

One-on-one meetings with clients, including showings, are allowed, provided all social distancing guidelines are utilized. This means no more than five person in the home – accompanied by the agent – at a time. Plus, some sellers are requiring viewers to wear booties, gloves and face masks while in the home.

We’re Here To Help

We are committed to protecting our family and clients. So, we are working from home remotely. But we are still available to review your home for a Competitive Market Analysis if you need us.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can list or show a property at this time, please contact us for more information.

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