Waterfront Homes for Sale in Clark County WA

Waterfront Property Clark County

Waterfront homes for sale in Clark County, WA have a built-in natural asset. Whether it’s a river, bay, creek or pond. Some buyers want easy access to boating and active water sports. And others just want a peaceful place to enjoy the relaxed, meditative environment.

Waterfront homes are a year-round luxury. In the summer, waterfront property is a great source of activity and escape from the heat. Kids, of course love it! And during the winter, it can be a great source of reflection and natural solace.

Looking for waterfront homes in Clark County?  It helps to know the market. Here is a brief Market Report for Waterfront Homes over $300,000. (We normally start our reports at $400,000, but this month had to include this artfully restored craftsman cabin on the Washougal River for $319,000.)

76 Active from $319,000 to $2,500,000
Average SQFT – 3,443

Average $/SQFT – $224

36 Pending from $309,900 to $2,100,000
Average SQFT – 2,703
Average $/SQFT – $227

68 Sold in last 3 Months from $307,000 to $2,300,000
Average SQFT – 3,269
Average $/SQFT – $200

Median Days on Market was 22 days – waterfront homes sell very quickly!

Also note: These averages do not include a fantastic waterfront property in Camas, WA listed for $13,500,000.

The Annual Increase in Sales Price is a comparison with average prices this time last year. Check out our recent article about how these percentage changes are trending in a downward slope. This is not to say the market is cooling overall, just that the increase in prices has stabilized and will probably level off this year. Yet, even with prices cooling, waterfront homes are holding their values quite well.

If you are interested in waterfront homes in Clark County WA, give us a call. We have a lot of experience with waterfront and recreational property.

View Homes of Clark County – The Mighty Columbia River

The Columbia River is recognized as one of the greatest natural assets of this area. It is called the “Mighty” Columbia because it empties an average of 192 million acre-feet into the Pacific Ocean each year. This immense water mass carves natural canyons and gorges in its path. Steep hillsides and vantage points offer many opportunities for stunning views.

Owning a home with a view of the Columbia River is a unique living experience. Likewise, it will typically command a higher resale value when you sell. We receive requests all the time from buyers who dream of having a ViewHome™ with river views. So it’s always a pleasure to help them find the right match. If you are looking for Columbia River views in East County, that’s in Camas or Washougal.

Market Report for Homes With Columbia River Views:

28 Active from $489,500 to $4,200,000
Average SQFT 4,158
Average $/SQFT $214

16 Pending from $434,995 to $1,195,000
Average SQFT 3,394
Average $/SQFT $207

19 Sold in past 3 months from $410,000 to $1,850,000
Average SQFT 4,088
Average $/SQFT $173

Median Days on Market: 54 days – homes with Columbia River views don’t last long! 

Looking for a home with Columbia River Views, or own a home with a view of the Columbia you want to sell?  We specialize in finding and selling view homes of Clark County with “Nature As Neighbors.”