Clark County Homes for Sale

A Mysterious, Jolly Client

When we first met Nick, his face was so merry,
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry
He talked with a laugh, his mouth all a crinkle
Like an inside joke, his eyes all a twinkle

He seemed so familiar, too good to be true,
But assured us, he did, our acquaintance was new
“I need you to find me a place that is grand
A large family manor surrounded by land

Private, you know – lots of room to call home
Where plenty of ‘livestock’ can flourish and roam
With barns and pastures and large buildings, too
For our toy-making hobby – we make quite a few

Plus, a warm bunk house with lots of short beds
And a workshop for storing my oversized sleds.”
At first we thought, “Is he being delirious?”
But as the weeks passed, his intent remained serious

A Mysterious, Jolly Client

After searching Clark County far and wide,
With plenty of treks through the countryside
We found just the place that met all his needs
It lit up his face, he cheered: “Yes, indeed!”  

He turned to us both, a twinkle in his eye,
“You’ve found the right place” and let out a sigh
“What a perfect estate surrounded by trees
With beautiful vistas for all to see

 You’ll note that each building has views to the sky
Designed to show all that reindeer can fly!
I knew you could do it – I’ve noted your style.
You’re on the Nice List, – you’ve been for awhile.” 

With that he sped off as if on a quest,
“Merry Christmas to All … well, you know the rest!!”
Our privacy “Claus(e)” won’t let us tell more.
Suffice to say, this is one jolly man (and transaction) we adore!

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