Brightly Colored Kitchen Appliances - Would You Want One from Santa?

Sunday, December 23, 2018

In a world of black and white, and mostly stainless, we’ve noticed a new trend developing in kitchen design – the return of colored appliances. Beach themed turquoise, cottage blue, seaglass green, mint julep, emerald, sunny yellows, bright orange, and even purples are popping up from a variety of companies.


A beautiful red enamel stove has always made us smile, but now you can choose from a wide variety of shades from bright red, to an industrial-themed red, and Viking has a new line in warm, rustic red. It’s pictured in the second photo below. We think it’s warm and inviting.

Although, we’d worry about the longevity of a kitchen with all appliances in a custom color. And, as REALTORS®, we know your favorite beachy turquoise will likely narrow the pool of buyers if you decide to sell.


Therefore, we’d likely avoid outfitting an entire kitchen with appliances in an unusual color. What if the company discontinues the line and your dishwasher quits? Exactly.  However, we think a statement stove is be a great way to add a touch of color and personality to your kitchen.


These two, one in purple, and one in more subdued plum, might appeal to my purple loving friends. Would you want Santa to deliver one to your house? 



Perhaps, pretty in pink is more your style.


We know this bright yellow, while cheery, is not one we’d consider in our home.


Personally, we’re drawn to the more subdued colors. Here’s an example we both really appreciate – we think it’s classic and elegant, and would be at home in a gray and white kitchen with marble counter tops.



It will be fun to see if more homeowners, and builders, start using more imagination, and color, in the kitchen in 2019.  If you’re interested in seeing some of the other colors available, here are some links. In the meantime, if you’re dreaming of something other than a white Christmas in the kitchen, we hope Santa delivers your favorite color.


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