Multigen Homes for Sale August MultiGen Home Sales, Clark County WA. We often get the question “what exactly is a multigen household?” The simple answer is: two or more generations living under one roof.   But these are not the traditional family units of parent(s) raising their children. Typically, “multigen” is where adult family members decide to move back in together – often to care for an elder, or share in child-rearing responsibilities.  And the college graduate who moves back until they get a job is not it either.  Many multigen homes are not for economic reasons.  The Pews Research group indicated that as many as 1 in 5 households in the U.S. are now multigen. With over a decade of personal experience in a multigen household, we specialize in this field. Our multigen homes are often located on acreage or large lots. They have “elbow room for the soul”, which provides lots of room for separate living quarters and lots of privacy for everyone.

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Through our experience, we are very knowledgeable about multigen homes for sale with separate living quarters. Sometimes we will find home that are not set quite up with separate quarters – ours was like that originally. But you can upgrade to accommodate family members.  So we often identify those homes suitable for modifications for a multigen family. With this information about multigen home, it’s also important to know the market. So, here is a brief Market Report for Multigen Homes in Clark County WA:
131 Active from $354,900 to $4,200,000 Average SQFT – 3,986 Average $/SQFT – $233 54 Pending from $364,900 to $1,375,000 Average SQFT – 3,201 Average $/SQFT – $182 92 Sold in last 3 Months from $357,680 to $1,685,000 Average SQFT – 3,314 Average $/SQFT – $187
Median Days on Market was 45 days.  Multigen homes don’t stay on the market very long!  (Note: Report is for homes priced $350,000 and above, and does not include a spectacular $12,000,000 165-acre multigen property in Woodland, WA) Multigen Buyers: If you are looking for a home for multigen living, you should check out this Multigen home with permitted ADU. Multigen Sellers: Call us for a free consultation on your home’s value. We are specialists in this field, and we have buyers ready to move!