Monday, April 30, 2018

We hear a lot of jokes about how much it rains here, and in the Pacific Northwest in general.  However, you might be surprised to see weather statistics for the United States. Florida, Louisiana,  Mississippi, and Alabama are actually the wettest states in the country.  Washington state ranks at number thirty, with about 38.5 inches of rainfall a year. In Clark County, Washington, depending upon where one lives, we get about 40-50 inches of rain each year. The national average is 39 inches a year.



However, the rain we do get tends to fall over a longer period of time – and we do get some gloomy gray periods from time-to-time. Over all though, we actually appreciate the climate. After all, our annual rain gives us our lush green landscapes – and in the spring and summer months, an abundance of flowers and blossoms.


And, all the rain gives us an abundance of pristine water ways which support our region’s wildlife – and gives us plenty of opportunities for recreation and outdoor fun.

And, with the right gear, and the right attitude – what’s a little rain?

In Clark County, Washington we tend to find rainbows in the rain. 

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