Waterfront Homes for Sale in Clark County, WA

Friday, June 3, 2016

It’s the season for living lakeside, or riverside, in Clark County. Water makes summer so much more enjoyable too. Imagine hosting the season’s most celebrated events at your place. People love to raft and swim on hot days – your house will be the one everyone wants to visit!

In Clark County, there are several areas to live on, or near, a lake, but due to seasonal algal blooms, they aren’t always safe for swimming. That’s why we’re big fans of the Lewis and Washougal Rivers. Both provide year round beauty and recreation.

We think a great option for sale at this time is a gorgeous 2351 square feet one-level home on the Washougal River. While it does have a Washougal address, the home is actually in Skamania County, between the Fish Hatchery and Dougan Falls.


And what a spot it is for waterfront living! Not only does the home open up to stunning river views, there is also a waterfall – it adds up to a pretty magical setting amid towering fir trees.

The private acreage is fenced and winding paths through the filtered sunlight opens to various gardens. The owners have put a lot of money, and love, into the various plantings. Color blooms from Spring to Fall.

If you want to visit this amazing home, before it’s too late. Call us today.

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