Views of Clark County - When Neighbors Have Chickens

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Living in the country has many perks – open space, green vistas, and chickens! Yes, chickens.  Even if you don’t raise chickens yourself, they are usually just an acre or two away from you. From the early morning crow of the rooster, to the regular clucking of the hens – chickens add a decidedly rural feeling to the area.

When you see chickens roaming around someone’s property, you might assume they are low-maintenance.  But they actually require a lot of work and care to keep clean and healthy. So we have opted, for now, not to have them on our property.  But we see and hear them all the time at our neighbors’, and that’s fine with us.  Recently, one neighbor asked if we wanted to be in the loop of a regular fresh egg supply. Yes!  So now we have all the benefits of chickens – daily fresh eggs – without the work! We appreciate the bright yolks, firm whites, and they are great for baking too.

So in addition to the normal benefits of living in the country – clean air, privacy, and “elbow room for the soul”, you can add fresh eggs to the list.  They are often just a good neighbor away. If you’re interested in discovering the many benefits of living with Nature As Neighbors, call us today, we love to share our experiences.

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