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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beaches Restaurant on the Columbia River is our go-to place when we want to sit outside in the sunshine, and just feel good about life. The river activity is always entertaining: huge plodding barges, graceful tacking sailboats, and speedy jet skis – usually zig-zagging between them all. Nature also contributes with Canada geese gliding overhead, harlequin ducks meandering about on the water, and sandpipers skipping along the shore. It’s an ideal location to just sit and watch the world.

But there is something else about Beaches that feels good – the people. You get the sense that the staff genuinely care about you and your experience.  You won’t get the server who recites the canned introduction with artificial endearments – you’ll connect to a real person.  This was demonstrated recently when one of our clients moved here from out of state.

They are a young family relocating from the Midwest, who had a choice of locations all along the west coast. They happened to choose Camas based partly on some of our glowing reports. But they also did their homework and decided the location, outdoor activities and schools matched their requirements.  Even armed with all their data, though, they were still a bit apprehensive about moving to a new place where they didn’t know anyone.  Their apprehension changed after their first visit to Beaches.

During their meal, their server discovered they were from out of town. She made a point of rounding up other servers who came from other states, to come by and share their experience of moving to the area. Our clients said the personal welcome that evening assured them they had made the right choice.

That gesture of kindness is an aspect of their corporate culture – Beaches is known for its community commitment to many activities that benefit kids in the area.  In addition to the Charity Table and their Community Wall – both opportunities for diners to donate to charities, Beaches is best known for its annual Green Eggs and Ham breakfast. A Dr. Seuss-themed event for first-graders now in its 20th year, volunteers serve over 7,000 kids and parents over the course of 5 days.  All of this is orchestrated by the staff of Beaches to help encourage parents to come to the schools and read with their kids.

Speaking of green eggs (dyed of course), did I mention the food at Beaches is always excellent?  So not only can you have a great dining experience, you can also feel good about it while you enjoy the day!

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