Uptown Village - A Fun Urban Experience

Monday, January 18, 2016

Uptown VillageWhile we love living with Nature as Neighbors, and the quiet solitude it provides, some days we just want to go downtown for an urban experience of shopping and strolling. Uptown Village is a wonderful shopping district located on Main Street in Vancouver, WA. Comprising approximately 11 blocks between 15th and 26th St, it bisects a residential neighborhood bordered by Columbia Street to the West and D Street on the East.

A day-long shopping trip along Main Street will take you to an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, and antique stores, ending at the Clark County Historical Museum. Originally built as a Carnegie Library in 1909, the site houses a permanent collection of native art, historical artifacts from the region, and the largest collection of unpublished Richard Brautigan manuscripts.

Two of our favorite restaurants in the area are in Uptown Village right on Main St – La Bottega, and Charlie’s Bodega.  Owned by the same family, they are a quick study in contrast. La Bottega has an old-world Italian ambiance and menu, and houses a deli complete with Italian meats, cheeses, olives and wine. Charlie’s modern decor is the perfect atmosphere for Spanish tapas (small plates) and a unique whiskey bar with artistically-inspired cocktails.

For a nice break in a walking neighborhood, head over to Uptown Village and enjoy the culture, shopping and restaurants in the area.

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