The Year of the Rooster - What does it have to do with Real Estate?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This year, January marks the lunar New Year for Asian Americans, also known as Spring Festival. It is always celebrated on the first month of the lunar year. As a result, Chinese New Year may fall in the second half of January or the first half of February. This year it is on Saturday January 28th.

2017 is the Year of the Rooster. Unfortunately, it’s considered a bad year for Roosters, those born in a Rooster year. Don’t feel picked on Roosters. According to Chinese tradition, when the year of your birth sign rolls around it’s considered to be back luck. Here are few tips to help stave off potential bad luck. Generally speaking though, it sounds pretty good to be a Rooster.

According to a site we found for the Portland, Oregon, Chinese New Year’s Celebration, Roosters are typically healthy people. They are active and enjoy sports such as hiking and swimming. In their everyday life, Roosters are as proud of their homes as they are of themselves. They’re extremely organized individuals as evidenced by the fact that their homes are always neat. Also, Roosters are usually hard-working, multi-talented individuals. They make great salespersons, journalists, and police officers.

As REALTORS, we can’t help but wonder if the owners of the most well-cared for homes we sell are Roosters under the Chinese Calendar. It makes sense, as showing great pride in a home is one of their important characteristics. Still, it’s a great trait anyone can emulate if they hope to sell a home for top dollar and in the least amount of time.

We also really enjoyed reading about the year ahead. In 2017, the warmth of the Fire Rooster is expected to point people in the direction of family and home-related matters. Naturally, since we specialize in Multi-Generational homes in Clark County, Washington, we think this is a good omen. And after all, this lifestyle is one of the fastest growing housing trends in the country.

Happy Chinese New Year on January 28th, and welcome to the Year of the Rooster. Here’s to selling more ViewHomes in impeccable condition, and to more people discovering the many benefits of Multigenerational living.

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