Our Little Green Neighbors are Singing Again

Friday, January 29, 2016

Theories pass. The frog remains. – Jean Rostand

The Pacific tree frogs are back with their chirpy serenades. A cacophony of love sonnets, warning shouts, and weather reports. Nature’s harmonic chorus is a welcome sound in the early morning dawn. We hear our little green neighbors before people wake and households stir – before the coffee grinders and morning cartoons. It’s a nice reminder of nature’s cycle and that spring can’t really be that far off. Can it?

Primarily, this time of year, their loud “kreck-eks” signal the mating season. Since the males are the more lusty of the species, the loud songs are likely coming from the misters. Local Fish and Wildlife experts say the chorus is become louder in area neighborhoods thanks to the popular addition of backyard ponds and water features. A research scientist says he gets a few calls a year from folks who want to know how to get rid of them. However, he gently reminds us that their abundance is a good indication of decent water quality.

The bottom line; some people really like to have them around, and some people can’t sleep at night because of their noise.” Perhaps it will help to remember each frog you hear is eating a ton of mosquitoes. Sweet dreams.

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