Sundays at our Multi-generational View Home in Clark County, WA

Sunday, October 23, 2016

We live in a multi-generational home. Mom and dad, my husband and me, and my sister and her husband. I’m sure some people think we’re nuts. Hey, I might have thought that prior to actually experiencing this living arrangement. It’s likely not for everyone, but it works for our family.

Dad has dementia and we find that it’s important to keep him engaged in life. Mom tends to worry about him so we make sure she has outlets for her varying emotions. We also handle most of the monetary and household responsibilities for them to keep the stress levels low.

Fortunately, we all have our own space too. While we love each other, privacy is an important commodity, especially when you share so many other aspects of your life with people. There are few secrets, transparency tends to work well in all relationships, and this situation is no exception.

Both levels of our nearly 3600 square foot home are self-contained and we have our own entrances. Mom and dad’s cottage is running behind schedule, so they are still using some space in the upper level with us. Fortunately, we have the room to give them their own sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom. However, they’ll soon have their own little home on our acreage in Camas.

Every Sunday, we get together for a sit-down family meal. We can discuss any concerns, share news, ponder our next projects, or just enjoy each other’s company. My sister and I take turns hosting, and tonight we’ll all be at her house. Her house is actually the lower level of the house we share.

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