The Story of Us - Our Camas ViewHome with Nature As Neighbors

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Saga continues…

 You may already know “The Story of Us,”

As with most stories, ours is evolving.  First of all, my sister and her husband have joined the group. All 3 couples with be sharing responsibilities ( and life ) on an acre (+) in Camas. We each have our own space, and each of us has territorial and pastoral views. It’s simply serene – and quiet! We were all craving views of Nature As Neighbors and Elbow Room for the Soul.™ 

Mom and dad’s little house will be built on a private spot in back of the main house. We can’t wait to see the site prepped for building. Meanwhile, the main is a full daylight home – sis and her husband are on one level,  we live on the upper level. My sister has always wanted a rustic cabin and the daylight basement is decked out with plenty of knotty pine. The ceilings are uncharacteristically high. The effect is very charming and roomy, yet cabin inspired. 

Our home gives one the feeling of living among the branches of trees. Recently, some visiting friends dubbed it “The Treehouse,” and it seems to fit. Yet, all 3 houses will featured one-level living. A large deck is already my favorite spot to do “nothing.” It’s amazingly quiet and looks out over the peaceful scenery. Birds and insects buzz about with wild abandon. While we do have some neighbors, none of us look directly into someone’s space or vantage point. It’s heaven. 

So far, we’ve put in all new floors, new bath vanities and lights, and repainted our entire level. So long, mid 90’s. We are also going to gut the kitchen at some point and replace all of the appliances. At this point, a new refrigerator and a thorough cleaning of the old oak cabinets will have to suffice. We will be spending a lot of time in the coming months getting our parent’s small house designed and built. 

For a time, they will be living between my sister and brother-in-law’s gorgeous RV, and one of our guest bedrooms. Good thing we all have a sense of adventure. Stay tuned as we continue with this saga of multi-generational living.

Choosing one our ViewHomes of Clark County gives you the luxury of wide open spaces and nature. We call it “Elbow Room for the Soul.”™  We specialize in these properties and fully understand the desire of seeking a retreat, as much as a home. While we enjoyed the conveniences of our old neighborhood, we longed for a private sanctuary. We found it – and we’d be more than delighted to help you find yours. 

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