Our Real Estate Predictions for 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Crystal Balls are lovely to look at, delightful to hold, but pretty worthless when it comes to predicting the future. Instead we choose to consistently monitor market trends, listen carefully to our clients, and pay close attention to who, and what, we attract. This hyper-focused tune-in helped us recognize the growing demand for homes with rejuvenating qualities, nature as neighbors, and elbow room for the soul.™ In addition, we noticed an increasing number of our clients were looking for multigenerational homes. Since we live the lifestyle too, it’s been a natural fit for us. Last year, with the help of our friends and consultants, we developed a strong brand designed to attract these growing demographics.

Our intuition, careful monitoring, and research tells us that 2017 will continue to see an increasing demand for homes with privacy and views. First-hand experience, and recent trends, indicates not all baby boomers want to downsize. Many, including us, who once wanted to live in small, low-maintenance condos, missed having extra rooms for visiting friends and family, and longed for a yard large enough to accommodate a garden, a place for grandchildren to play, and the chance to soak up nature – at home. Hence we predicted an increasing need for ViewHomes.™ Homes and estates on acreage with pleasing views to soothe and restore.

We are also pleased to be the only REALTORS® in Clark County, WA who specialize in Multigenerational properties. It’s interesting too, as we are now seeing a few other brokerages trying to respond, a bit late we believe, to this growing trend in housing. Our passion for this lifestyle grew from our personal experience. However, we also predicted the trend was picking up in popularity and not just for economic reasons as many believe. Instead, families are often choosing to live together out of love – a desire to share as many moments as possible with one another. They recognize the rich experiences grandparents can impart on their grandchildren, or maybe it’s baby boomers with a strong desire to keep their parents out of nursing homes. We know the Multi-generational housing need will continue to grow in 2017, and beyond.

Further, we are confident enough to predict these two segments of housing will continue to be in strong demand, not only here in Clark County, Washington, but around the country in the coming year. Crystal balls, who needs them? We say pay attention, listen carefully, and do your homework. Be brave in 2017 and lead the trend, instead of following it.

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