News of Clark County - Pacific Northwest Best Fish Co And 3Peaks Taproom

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nothing says “Pacific Northwest” like fresh-caught seafood and microbrews, and now the two best are available in one venue in Ridgefield.  We have been huge fans of Pacific Northwest Best Fish Co. since they opened in 2001.  Originally a small seafood counter located in an improbably rural area, they have thrived and expanded – converting a simple drive-through cart into a sit-down seafood cafe. Their signature dish, Halibut Fish and Chips was voted “Best of Clark County” for 2016, as was their Seafood in general.

Our recent impromptu lunch visit confirmed our personal vote for Best Seafood, and now there is even more to like about the place – 3Peaks Public House and Taproom. Located in a previous cold storage warehouse adjacent to the Cafe, the atmosphere is clearly “Northwest Outdoor Comfort”.  The bar features (at our last count) some 16 taps surrounded by wood paneled walls adorned with photos and art created by local artists.  The menu offered a choice of PNWB dishes (order here, or next door at the cafe – they’ll deliver!) and traditional pub munchies.  Their tap menu rotates regularly – hosting special “Tap Take-over” events by local breweries. They also offer a nice selection of wines.

We usually have the halibut fish tacos – a healthy choice since the fish is grilled, and not at all greasy. Wrapped in a flour tortilla, they are topped with their special slaw made with marinated cabbage and cream sauce – just the right amount of spicy and cool. Add a touch of salsa, and you have the perfect lunch to accompany a pint of cold microbrew.

We sat outside on the loading dock/porch and soaked in the early Spring sun.  The food was great as always, and the beer recommended by the bartender was a pleasant surprise – a slightly floral RPA with a hint of mango. Not fruity at all, and a nice complement to the tacos.

Even after that satisfying meal, we couldn’t resist shopping the seafood counter for fresh halibut – it truly is the best in the area. So take the time to head up to Ridgefield and enjoy the wonderful combination of fresh seafood and local hand-crafted microbrews.

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